Chibi Rosaline WIP

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  1. This is the first and only time I'll spend money since the release of this game

  2. When you commit die you turn into a spirit that can heal. They prob commit die near the last section...

  3. I'm on floor 51 and I've accepted that I'll never pass it

  4. This thing feels like taxes but with extra steps

  5. It is not recommended to skip lessons. The order of the lessons have been thoughtfully placed by the industry professions who wrote and maintain the curriculum.

  6. I just started the CS section and I'm thinking of skipping it for now. Will that hinder me in any way?

  7. Don't skip it, its a hard section. But it definitely helped me grow as a developer.

  8. Thanks, rlmoser and jwhudexnls. I'll go back to it right after the battleship project then!

  9. I mean, Another Eden still going years after the Persona collab

  10. Signature item at level 30 and 9 red furnitures

  11. This reminds of when we used to look up super saiyan 5 on google as a kid lol

  12. It's my first time making this kind of video. Thanks for watching! I did try my best for every single game... but the coinflip is real :(

  13. As someone who spent 30k diamonds for each of his last 3 Lucretias, I'll gladly choose her over some dumb boxes

  14. ah yes, the gatekeeper of w10. I remember thinking things would get easier after this. hahahahaha...

  15. They got to stardom together. Even Mike Tyson apologized to Evander Holyfields after biting his ear off and now they're on good terms.

  16. I'm not usually a fan of this kind of thing, but this looks amazing

  17. Reminds me of Pokemon when the enemy evades while being frozen or asleep. They say that they don't avoid, you missed

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