1. I certainly don’t claim to be an expert but I do know the Good Friday agreement was signed after the work of the “rebels” and the bloodshed.

  2. .38 Enfield No 2 revolver probably.

  3. Sounds like his wife had a break from him for five years and realized she was better off without him.

  4. The cat had a litter of kittens, near Christmas, five or six. They all died, one after the other, probably because of the cold. I remember taking the bodies down the road and throwing them into a trench where they were working on the gas pipes.

  5. I know in Ireland corned beef is not a thing. But here in America, corned beef is eaten on St. Patrick's Day (not sure why, but as long as I remember a traditional St. Patrick's day meal is corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots). Today happens to be a Friday during Lent, but our local bishop is allowing people to eat corned beef today. The same thing happened a couple years back.

  6. Irish Americans ended up living in the same poor neighborhoods as Jewish immigrants, and so would purchase meat from Jewish-owned butcher shops. That’s where the corned beef tradition comes from.

  7. "Before the wave of 19th century Irish immigration to the United States, many of the ethnic Irish did not consume corned beef dishes. The popularity of corned beef compared to back bacon among the immigrant Irish may have been due to corned beef being considered a luxury product in their native land, while it was cheap and readily available in the United States.[12]

  8. That; the rocket from a hand-launched parachute flare, Schermuly in the UK.

  9. Huh. I never knew that one, and I thought I knew all the hidden jokes.

  10. Ahhh, so I actually kinda right when I said "cluster bomb"?

  11. Sacrificial anode remnants from a steel boat hull? Magnesium, zinc or aluminium?

  12. Nope. Not noon of those or I would have remembered. But very light like aluminum and shinier.

  13. Maybe Mazak/Zamak zinc alloy , used for die cast toys and car parts.

  14. I was just working in the building, and had to snoop around a little. Was too cool to leave un pictured. So what would be the overall purpose of this if it was as you described

  15. Where the mains water pressure was inadequate to get to the upper floors of a building, you'd have a break tank on the lower floors (highest flow rate) and a pump to shift that water to a roof/loft tank which supplied the building by gravity.

  16. My memory was wrong, upon looking up the address, it’s only three stories hmm

  17. Still probably a break tank and pump.

  18. Pull through, for cleaning inside a rifle barrel, 7.62mm or .303".

  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollow_Nickel_Case

  20. The fact that our previous generation stood for none of that segregation bullshit and made black GIs feel welcome here makes me proud. I’ve read stories of them being amazed at sitting in a pub with brits, being treated as humans, being treated normal. You know, how it should be normally.

  21. A lot of the black GIs were in rear ecehelon units, construction battalions, anti-aircraft artillery, QM supply troops, transport, etc.. They arrived in the UK before the all white infantry units, to build airfields and facilities for the GIs training in the USA. They had become known to and friendly with the locals before most of the US Army arrived.. The attempts to later re-impose segregation were resented.

  22. 🤣🤣 maybe that's why the fella with the huge flairs is Knockin about. He's waiting for the 'Backdraft' so he can sail home rather than get the bus.

  23. So he was going home in a scirroco, a warm wind from the south.

  24. Matched betting is usually against the terms of gambling websites so I don’t see how you could think this is a paid advertisement.

  25. It's plausible; as to whether it's actually happening, I have no idea.

  26. History is silent about Wojtek being a double agent

  27. Wojtek was working undercover. He was disguised as a German fallschirmjaeger,

  28. kinda surprised they haven't had iced tea before, even in those commercialized bottles from a grocery store or something

  29. Bottled iced tea is sold, not very popular though.

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