1. I'd say always add an egg! How does the salmon do with lasting 5 days? Do you freeze one or two portions of this?

  2. Salmon does good for 5 days in fridge

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  4. I just washed and chopped up the cauliflower. Then steamed for around 6-8 minutes until tender. Then blended the bits in my ninja blender, added around 1/3 cup heavy cream, and 1/4 cup freshly grated parm!

  5. Salmon was sprinkled with salt and dill seeds then lemon slices laid on top. Was great hot

  6. In an odd turn of events, technically I did lol. And thank you!

  7. Are you gonna wear it? I would buy one but it’s so expensive

  8. Yep! I’m going to wear it officially engaged or not! :) When the official proposal happens, it was decided I would be given some pink diamond earrings to match my ring 🤍

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  10. I bought simply Tera vanilla protein. I also add sweetener to my smoothies so it’s sweet but I mostly follow this recipe too

  11. Thnk you so much! It was fun to create something and watch it come together

  12. How are you going to use it btw? I need ideas

  13. Boneless wings are chicken breast usually. They’re not actually deboned wing meat.

  14. I can’t comment since all my recipes consist of salt and pepper and an air fryer so I can’t help with recipes. I just came to say the chicken thigh preferably the boneless skinless variety are superior to the chicken breast in every way except macros I suppose. Flavour wise there is no comparison. Enjoy

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