1. how does a blind person use reddit? like genuine question. i can understand how on a pc, but on a phone it kinda boggles my mind because yk, a screen is a completely flat surface.

  2. Idk either. The reddit app works perfectly fine for me. It's sad that these other free options are going because I assume that most people like re customisation of it

  3. It's not just that, third party apps are used for accessibility for disabled people and for moderators when managing communities. It's basic utility that Reddit is upending.

  4. Definitely more, WW is $330 from Secret Base and Sideshow usually tacks on 25 - 30%

  5. Only took eighty fucking years, the entirety of the Infinity Saga and the MCU at large, the rise and fall of the DCEU and the heat death of the universe for Hot Toys to try and actually improve their rooted hair

  6. I'm just hoping it's not a case like their toyfair wolverine, where they introduced seamless wrists, real Leather for the jacket: and absolutely no figure since has had real leather or seamless wrists Lmfao

  7. Funniest part is that they did use actual leather again... just on a fucking clone figure's belt lol. So dumb it's not the standard.

  8. Yeah from the second to last season I think “Lumen”

  9. Clothes and body are great -- probably the best Homelander out at the moment in that regard -- but yikes, those sculpts.

  10. You can still order it on OSK under the name The Sigma, I shared the album on Reddit a month ago tho

  11. To follow up their great new Wonder Woman announcement, here's a random ass Batman repaint along with some Morbius bats

  12. I have to agree on the "comic" Iron Man figure, just on account of how perplexing its backstory is. It is quite literally fan art by Hot Toys' Iron Man engineer.

  13. The worst part about them making Morbius is that they executed it fucking flawlessly lmao

  14. Most of the time figures are announced around the media's release or the months following. It's not unusual at all that Flash hasn't been announced -- well, in that context, not so much the fact there's now 2 Batmen and nadda for the protagonist lol -- as the film is still a week off.

  15. Oh alright. That sounds pretty logical to be honest. I'm very excited about the Symbiote suit and whether or not Hot Toys will make it.

  16. They did a ton of PS4 figures so I reckon there'll be a lot from the sequel. At minimum I'd expect another advanced Spidey (probably with Iron Spider legs), a symbiote suit and a new Miles.

  17. They are licensed, just in China. They won't make figures they don't have the rights to.

  18. I don't understand why everyone saying Ben's Flash suit is the best live-action Batsuit in cinema only because it's blue and gray. It's pretty ugly and weird looking. His Justice League threads or Tactical Batsuit are just fine, they should've gone with that.

  19. I definitely wouldn't say there's a consensus that the Batffleck Flash suit is the best, most of the comments here talking about it are trashing the design.

  20. You can buy Batman in a set with the Batcycle, or either solo.

  21. At thus point I don't know how people can still be skeptical to their quality. The pricing is all over the place, but I have no concerns about what I'll get in hand (when I get it)

  22. I'm looking forward to seeing final product pics of this dude. IMO one of the biggest issues with the Joker is the eyes. Hopefully they're opting for bigger magnets in the base here.

  23. Harry will show they can do non-adult figures too. Each release shows they are able to go outside the norm and meet their goals.

  24. I'm eagerly awaiting some more superhero figures. DCEU Wonder Woman will definitely have a seamless body, so that's another trial for them. Cavill Superman or any Batffleck will also require specialised and highly defined bodies.

  25. This has been on "preorder" for at least one year. Does it mean that it's coming out soon?

  26. Final product photos signify the release of the figure from Hong Kong. From there, the distribution chain takes a varying amount of time. Third party resellers who get first batch stock will start shipping pretty much immediately. Sideshow can trail by a few days to months depending on when you ordered. International retailers tend to get their stock from Sideshow and always take months.

  27. Dexter is breaking the code in s5 e1? that guy at the gas station

  28. I agree that season 5 kill was not a “code” kill, but it also wasn’t a planned kill, stalking, etc with intent to kill as season 7 kill of Hannah’s dad was. It was a spontaneous act (although obviously still reprehensible).

  29. Personally, I'd say that distinction is fairly arbitrary. I understand what you're saying, but the end result of vetting and ritualistically murdering someone isn't that different to randomly murdering someone because you felt like it.

  30. Any relevant gift shop. My first experience was at the local Aerospace Museum. Although I preferred the ice cream sandwich version over the one pictured.

  31. As far as spam comments go, this is... actually what the fuck?

  32. Jfc 😂 he flat out told me he won’t be giving me a refund even though it’s on the seller to resolve situations regarding items lost/missing in transit. He’s also gone back to ghosting it seems. Oh well, I’ve put a claim in with my bank to get a refund so we’ll see what he says about that.. if he says anything at all

  33. It's so bad. He pretty much exclusively posts on Collector Freaks these days, where people just seem to totally ignore how much of a clusterfuck his business is.

  34. God on the note of Ned figures, I will never get over how one company named their Ned figure

  35. The thing that theory ignores every time I read it is that firstly the Nazis would have found it eventually (they were digging everywhere and had the Tannis map room so it was only a matter of time. If they were unsuccessful in place one, they use the map and choose a different place)

  36. It's more of an explanation than "he held his breath for hours".

  37. Sideshow no longer ship Hot Toys to Australia, at least they didn't last time I checked 6 months ago.

  38. You might have hit one of two things; either the button battery ban, or a figure you were late to ordering that had its AU stock allocation sell out.

  39. OK, thanks. It was before the battery ban. I did buy two Stormtrooper Commanders from them in April, 2022, but then just a couple of months later every Hot Toy I checked, and a few other Star Wars items were not available to Australia. Their Sideshow items were still available.

  40. It's confusing as hell how they don't clearly label shit. I actually had a look back on the sub for AU Sideshow posts and found one I commented on where I shared an email I sent Sideshow about this. Bad memory in action lol!

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