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  1. Why can’t we all just go in on a class action and press the button ourselves…

  2. Bringing the fight to em every damn day.

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  5. After a disaster in mid december I am less than $2000 away from my all time high for this 6 month period I have been doing these monthly updates.

  6. Good to hear you’re done with the puts on GME

  7. buckle up folks its gonna be a bumpy ride. please place all zippers and buttons in their upright and locked position. tits will remain jacked.

  8. Lol take it as you please I was backing up the dude because y’all hate on him for actually wanting to see this thing through.

  9. He was complaining that it's taking too long when we have a literal percentage tracker for the DRS progress, and a graph that can be used to predict when 100% DRS will be reached. Nothing in the thesis has changed.

  10. Not sure what attacking him will do to help support the thesis.

  11. How can they do this? Is it legal? Can they buy off exchange indefinitely?

  12. How? Because that’s how we built the system to work. So we could be poor and insiders can do whatever they want.

  13. Well obviously you can't just let a bunch illiterate investors influence the market. /s

  14. Exactly that’s why they have tons of stocks to bounce off the rev limiter every day in order to keep our two stocks down. Ridiculous. Now it seems legitimately like we might have to buy all the stonks….

  15. I thought T-2 was meant to have a massive impact today? Everyone was hyping up Tuesday. How’s it gone from 4.70 plus back to 3.90 today? Can someone explain what causes this suppression

  16. Unlimited money glitch (HKD) for SHF to keep us out of the game. We’ll never win without some real corrections to the system.

  17. Ol reliable „we don‘t need xy“ 🤡

  18. Or we could be getting strung along until this “tomorrow” day comes… sure seems like it

  19. It’s going down an hour after what’s going on?

  20. It’s one big club and we’re not in it… we’re waiting for a miracle at this point.

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  26. I would’ve actually watched that version

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