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  1. I’m going ! I wonder what the set list will be . Big Dave head and first concert ever what should I expect? Also I’m an eagles fan gonna be the best weekend of my Life !!!!!

  2. Omg! I have a ticket, but may not be able to make it! (I’m down in Tucson, and hotel prices up there are outrageous!)

  3. We are going to drive from LA! How many Dave concerts have you been two ? What are you fav songs

  4. I’ve been to eleven shows. And some of my favorite songs are Ants Marching, Idea of You, and Why I Am…. Among many, many others! Lol they’re all so good live. They do some excellent covers as well.

  5. This is so sad. Like, why do they not understand that this isn’t okay.

  6. Meanwhile Josie had a seizure and started turning blue in Jana’s arms and Michelle and JB, who were in another state at a conference, decided not to come home because the seizure already happened.

  7. You can visibly see Jana being traumatized during that. They didn’t give a shit to come back for Josie, and they didn’t give a shit to come back for Jana. Two kids who needed their parents, and their parents were nowhere to be found.

  8. I’ve definitely shared this sentiment in this sub and had people agree. Socks 4ever.

  9. How old is your child? And do you have a partner helping you at home?

  10. This doesn’t surprise me! My husband feeds my child, but my mom has a story that my dad forgot to feed us once. Or didn’t think of it? So my mom taught him to always feed us before he himself eats.

  11. Zanab appeared to be grumpy/irritable most of her screen time.

  12. These are like one heard shape away from being grinch cookies lol!! They look delicious and I just bought some matcha!

  13. Hey, Dino. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. Your brother sounds like he's in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, professional intervention is the only answer. Whether it means medication, or in-patient treatment, if he is at serious risk there are things that can be done. Look into psychiatric in-patient care, perhaps you and your family can make a life-saving decision for him. I wish there was a simple answer I could give you. Just keep reminding him you love him, and you need him.

  14. I second this suggestion for inpatient treatment. It could really really be beneficial. I had a relative who was very suicidal and he finally went to the ER and into inpatient psychiatric care, and did intensive treatment following his discharge, and it was a really big turning point for him.

  15. We love you, Taylor! Thank you for your formative part in this love affair we have with Foo Fighters. Our love for you will never end. We will ALWAYS take moments to remember you. And as your music lives on, so will your memory.

  16. I would guess that they could be related. My daughter had ophiasis pattern, but also has diffuse thinning all over. It’s heartbreaking. This has been a slow two year process and I’m afraid of what it may be in the next two years.

  17. Okay, I think we’re in the same boat. I feel for you and your daughter. I try not to freak out, but I’m definitely stuffing my feelings of fear and worry of what’s ahead as far down as I can, in an effort to not freak her out.

  18. it's up to you. do you live alone or have roommates or an SO? If it's just you, then it's your decision totally. If you have housemates, you should talk it over with them

  19. I do have a husband, and we both agree that the maximum should be 3 nights. But my mother, always tries relentlessly to stay for 5-7 days. And we just think that’s too long because she’s not the best company, to be honest. She really only comes to see my daughter, which I totally support, but she’s hard to be around, so 3 days is about the most we can handle. But my mother gets so upset that I never allow her to stay a week, so I was second guessing myself and wondering if I really am being unreasonable.

  20. You're being more than reasonable. If she keeps pushing tell her she could always get a hotel room instead.

  21. Thank you for the validation. I actually thought of suggesting a hotel, because I’d even let me daughter stay with her over there so they could have that quality time. But I know she’d just shoot down the idea and call it silly or be offended by the suggestion somehow lol.

  22. I almost failed a class that I needed to graduate, like the week of graduation and I talked to the professor and he really helped me out. So, talk to your professor! They’re usually very reasonable.

  23. Cheers, right? And I’m not a fan of the show, but the Friends theme song goes pretty hard.

  24. Omeprazole and Probiotics for the acid reflux, and Lorazepam for the anxiety.

  25. I feel really old that this isn’t a a bigger deal to people on this sub LOL! But it’s a big deal to me, DAMMIT!

  26. I love Dashboard so much!!! This little crossover is so special to me.

  27. Here to second Tough Luck Club, The Buffet, and The Shelter.

  28. I think she’s in the right. She wants to establish a clear boundary with you, and this is what feels best for her.

  29. I ran into a friend of a friend at a club the next town over. He bought me and my girlfriends a round of drinks. We got separated in the shuffle of the bar, so from a distance I looked at him and mouthed “thank you!” and he just… winked at me.

  30. You’re probably going to have to stay in. Maybe out for a nice dinner, come back and play games, watch the NYE shows on TV, play some music, have some delicious snacks, and then cheers champagne/sparkling cider when the ball drops. And in the morning grab some brunch.

  31. Please don’t send them! The risk is too high. Because this is online, you don’t know him well enough to truly trust him. He could have bad intentions. There’s no way to track if he sends them to other people, or shares them without your knowledge. Don’t send them.

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