1. CM Punk was a draw but he didn’t need the belt. Should’ve continued the type of stuff he was doing with Eddie and MJF, relying on nostalgia to draw.

  2. I have a question... Where can I watch old wrestling matches when I'm too broke for subscriptions

  3. Finally watching Raw and that opening segment with Becky and Damage CTRL was amazing.

  4. Back here, WWE would need the big names on the card. If they get Cena somehow, it would be massive as hell. Him, Roman, and Brock especially are the biggest names in India

  5. I'd let Takeshita move in with me. Purely altruistic motives, I swear.

  6. Sure it’s altruistic. We all know the Cinnabons bring the girls to the yard.

  7. Large chunks can fly off, or if there is any ice. I live in Maine, it is very illegal. It can break windshields, and cause a lot of vehicle damage. Plus, if there is a crust layer, a lot of times it will go airborn a good 20 feet, and can land on oncoming traffic, the sidewalk, cars behind you. You have no idea where it will end up.

  8. Our knockout tournament chances just got stupidly slim. I knew the true spirit of the USMNT would show up eventually

  9. That elbow drop and how the table slowly broke was like a movie moment, so perfect.

  10. The best match on AEW tv so far this week. The youngsters killed it.

  11. Or if it was a great crowd. If they did that same show in LA people would be saying "AEW is back!"

  12. Why do people care so much about the live crowd to determine something being entertaining?

  13. I think it's subconscious or psychological. If you see an arena full of people who seem like they don't care, then you don't care either. If you see thousands of people super excited, then you get excited too.

  14. I’ve seen people mark out and sit on their hands, and it didn’t change if the booking was good or bad.

  15. If they can find a proper heel to take his place in that #1 bad guy role, it can all work out. Much easier said than done, though.

  16. I don't see a lot of people mentioning the pc game, big bumpz. Pc games that are lesser knows are World War Alpha and Under Development (A lot of his pc games can be mentioned tbh). Also, Sure Shot had a star wars edition apparently.

  17. The 2nd biggest title in wrestling today in the west, by far.

  18. They also have to answer to investors now and the look of a publicly traded company doing that now would not be great.

  19. There was investors then too. The company has been public since the attitude era.

  20. In terms of post-pandemic era signings, Marina Shafir blows ass to heaven and is the worst active wrestler on the roster man or woman. I'd drop Bobby "A Guy" Fish for anyone in Dark Order they've kicked to the curb.

  21. Fair nuff. I just figure it was associated with the remarks of Miro.

  22. Hot Take: you’re wrong and this was the worst PPV aew title match

  23. I’ve been bald longer than I ever had hair. I started losing in high school and at first it honestly sucked. But as soon as I embraced it, women flocked. The confidence a bald man exudes does something. Even now, I’m married and definitely don’t shave as much as I should, and I still have to the beat the ladies and men off me.

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