1. But when they already speak perfect English, what’s the point? Conservatives are always complaining about how immigrants don’t integrate into our culture, so wouldn’t you much rather we accept refugees who speak our language instead of ones who don’t?

  2. The asylum system only works, for refugees and for the countries they arrive in, if we’re logical about where they’re settled, and part of that is thinking about the language they speak, their ties to other countries and people, etc.

  3. Why do you keep implying I’ve said I don’t want refugees and asylum seekers in the U.K.?

  4. They don't have to "prove themselves" to anyone but first time buyers will typically be earning less and have less savings than older people with longer careers and have been paying a mortgage and building equity for longer who are buying their 3rd house. So obviously first time buyers will end up buying cheaper houses.

  5. TBH I think given the v high cost of property in London, and the age at which most people buy, the ‘ladder’ concept has been killed.

  6. Non-binary shopper refused entry to women's changing room

  7. Having lain in wait for them too - Tony Martin was anything but the victim he pretended.

  8. So if the unredacted WhatsApp’s make the current government look even worse (is this possible), and in particular make Rishi look shit…

  9. Most people aren’t. Generally the people who are averse to paying tax are the people most able to do so.

  10. I do think half of the reason people are averse to it though, is feeling like they get very little back for it.

  11. I didn't even know this, but apropos of QT, I had a brief check on twitter.

  12. I think there’s some truth in Jack’s stories, but they are also a grifter.

  13. There are rumours that she’s from a relatively affluent background and has been basically grifting her way.

  14. TBF having been from an affluent background doesn’t mean she couldn’t have at one point been struggling to survive on benefits as a single parent.

  15. How has she ‘got the kids’ when you say you had them during the day?

  16. You jest, but I once found a lost, crying American tourist trapped in Bond Street station.

  17. I’m intrigued that believing there is a relevant difference between gender identity and sex and wanting female-only spaces, now makes you ‘a fascist’.

  18. You're right. Someone saying transpeople do not have the right to exist is slightly more Nazi-direct ideology.

  19. She hasn’t said trans people don’t have the right to exist.

  20. I'm not sure why MPs are going to be questioning ITV over this. Have I missed something here? Was something illegal rather thana bit seedy?

  21. Given the size of the fallout, I’m assuming there is some suspicion what he did wasn’t legal.

  22. It's a strange one, it's something that is mentioned in the declaration itself

  23. I don’t think the issue here is that women don’t want men to be able to get pregnant. Quite frankly a lot of women might be relieved if they no longer have to carry that burden and all that comes with it.

  24. Tk maxx for a suitcase on Charing cross road. You can probably get clothes from there too, otherwise a Uniqlo or Primark on Oxford Street will sort you out.

  25. Oh you don’t need to delegitimise him, he does it himself.

  26. Well, for example, the linked article has already been edited by the i to remove a libellous statement about Kellie-Jay Keen (calling her a Nazi).

  27. More people are in the higher income tax bracket than ever before under the conservative government. They've also got ludicrous marginal thresholds around child benefit and childcare that actively disincentivise seeking higher wages.

  28. The "Conservatives" are no longer conservative; they're actively regressionist (I don't know if that's a word but it is now); not content with keeping things the way they are, they're desperately pushing to return to long-forgotten times where we could swim in sewage, work 100 hours a week and die of easily-treatable injuries and illnesses, all while hurling abuse at anyone with a brown face for daring to step foot on our green and bountiful lands (apart from all the crops that are rotting for lack of staff to pick them).

  29. Nitpick of the report, I feel like they switched the description on one figure accidentally.

  30. You don’t seem to understand what either misogyny or misandry are.

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