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  1. I’m not allowed roasts in December. It actually kills me. Hubby is not a fan but I do one weekly. However to prepare him for the onslaught of a Mammoth roast and several days of leftovers we don’t have one.

  2. Huge "Hector Salamanca talking to the DEA" vibe to this post

  3. Agree with the sentiment but it’s literally in the second sentence that his world cup is probably not over

  4. Definitely not the best way to prep, flying from Qatar to London and back to comfort a traumatised family, I can't see him coming back (and fair play, some things are more important)

  5. It depends on the person, I don't think either way is unreasonable. Some people would prefer to focus on themselves and their family to process things, some want to keep going. Given that the world cup is usually a player's dream, and it pretty much is for their family as well, I really wouldn't bet against it if the family is doing okay

  6. Aye of course, and fingers crossed everything is good when he gets back, least of all so that he can come back and play

  7. Sand, gravel, wood bark, and the inside of tea bags are great materials for doing bases and help set the atmosphere for your model. Be it in a rocky desert, deep jungle, woodlands or Highlands. Outdoor atmospheres are easy way to help you think about how your models will look. Like others have said try "slap-chop or underpainting" if you are using contrasts and do each panel segment individually so you don't get a big coffee stain pooling. Well done and keep up the good work

  8. Gonna be a world cup of firsts for Kylian. First WC he's scored 5 goals, and the first time he will see the inside of Kyle Walker's pocket.

  9. I think it’s Happy New Year Colin Burstead. I looked it up and that’s what I found.

  10. Shit yes it is, gonna edit my comment so that I look smarter than I am

  11. LOL I love this comment and whole heartedly agree, I am obsessed with him - he kills every single role I’ve seen him play

  12. Have you seen 'Happy New Year Colin Burstead'? Really quirky little British film, he plays the cross-dressing uncle of the main character and is clearly having a blast in the role

  13. She's been ready for the men's team for years, we'd be fucking lucky to have her.

  14. I got an email from my letting agent telling me it is important to keep the flat warm to avoid mould that can cause damage.

  15. Living in a mouldy flat would definitely also be a you problem

  16. Only until I moved out, and then it would have absolutely fuck all to do with me.

  17. Larry I believe. The only solution is to watch every episode again

  18. I am not a financial expert but wouldn't 8B be something that is not easily overlooked?

  19. You called someone who had never even received an education cause their parents were sexists asshats a dozy broad and still think anyone doesn’t think your sexist .

  20. Wow your so cool and edgy, kinda like a pizza cutter , so much edge and no point.

  21. I remember the game ... England were massively outplayed. That goal would have changed nothing. People just need to accept it and move on.

  22. Wouldn't have been the first or last time a team got massively outplayed and went on to win.

  23. Maybe the very beginning. Have you made it past the 45 minute mark? Because this is a huge exaggeration.

  24. Somewhere at a Sarcasmaholics Anonymous meeting there is a dyslexic sex addict looking very confused, and nobody else in the meeting is giving them a straight answer.

  25. No but ive got some whiskey, you sort out the other thing and let's do this

  26. Anelka is the the first player I think of. Also Christian Vieiri had a contract dispute at Inter, and didn’t celebrate for a season but was still banging them in

  27. I think I've ended up recaulking the bathroom of every rental property I've ever lived in, just so much easier than pissing about with a toothbrush

  28. "we have a shit manager now, lets just accept it and move on"

  29. Someone dropped their plastic out here, come clean it up please.

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