1. These aren’t games, theyre just scams. Any game type like this isn’t real. Too good to be true.

  2. I just asked because the left hand side image is from a legit game called The Visit ; so i thought the right image would be from a game too

  3. Mostly I just assume they’re scams. Haven’t played much adult games lately.

  4. I wasn’t even looking for shimmer in my play through and all of a sudden it just popped up 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. I died with my necro before reaching 15k fame and i thought, fuck that shit. And i started playing ESO again lol

  6. Yeah when is it coming out? Tried looking for a date but didn’t find one

  7. If ur a decent player and not too boo y you can join the Plebians. Currently working on the discord!!!

  8. Just lost my 8/8 archer. T13/leaf bow, t14 hide, t6 quiv, t5 hp.

  9. I did it guys I beat crystal caverns twice this morning at 3am 🫡🫡. It’s easy actually lol

  10. This game needs to become like an open world 3d game instead of what it is imo. I like the turned based card mechanic but I think it’s pull me in if I was to free roam instead of point and click.

  11. Hey if you've beaten the game can I have help any idea where a soul offering is I've checked everywhere but can't find it

  12. Thank god. Someone said in a nest I was in that you had to solo. I’m like damn. I’m never getting exalt.

  13. Looks pretty promising. I prefer to ply free roam games like this but theirs not much out there! Excited to see where this game goes!!

  14. Is it going to be a visual novel type game or what’re the aspect of what the game will be? Like open world/sandbox/simulator type stuff.

  15. Carnal instinct isn’t that good of a game. Steam doesn’t even get updates even tho you buy it.

  16. Carnal Instinct, the game is actually really cool with a full open world. voice acting, combat, questing and all the other open world stuff you'd expect, the only thing is that it's largely a furry game which might turn you off

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