1. I thought this was a screenshot for a bit

  2. Well, technically I drew it from screenshot refference.. this is centre at quarters location

  3. Are those actual in-game items? If so then what are they and if not then man they should be.

  4. They're based on actual items, I just modified some things in their design to fit the styles of character

  5. where can i get in contact with you? i’d love to commission a piece of my character your art style is sick

  6. Super amazing art! Thanks for sharing. Which mask is it on the last style ? Looks cozy af too!

  7. This is mirror mask (I was bit to lazy to make detailed reflections on it)

  8. I love that Rhino is carrying the most "rhino like" weapon possible. The Jat-kittag! Got some fond memories of rag-dolling grineer around with blast modded rocket hammer!

  9. The first time I got Rhino, I gave him Kittag (yeah, it took me some time to get to him since I've had Jat Kittag then XD)

  10. Not a single person wearing the Adalian chimney mask in all 3 posts :/ can any truly even be called fashion?

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