1. World War Z is a good choice according to me. It could help to ease into this genre, having something familiar to their taste.

  2. US Nuclear test. Also, why bikinis what they are. It was a really insensitive joke by their creator about their "radioactivity."

  3. Damn man. US has been doing some sick shit for a long period of time.

  4. WIAB reworked and Summer's Gone, Ocean tops on visuals for sure.

  5. I have a HP laptop which suffers from same problem whenever I try to update its Bios. Solution that works for me is to open the backcase of laptop and disconnect the in-built battery manually for 15 minutes. Disconnecting the battery resets the BIOS to default setting.

  6. The MC in LoF is half middle eastern, I'm white and I don't necessarily pay attention to MC but do tend to immerse myself if the MC looks like me.

  7. LoF is Leap of Faith. It's a really good story but it goes to some pretty dark places

  8. His buddies could help him with the cream 🤣

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