Man's fighting for his life over here.

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  1. Yea it’s real. Deal with it idc i feel better being thinner lol

  2. Are u working out and eating healthy or just relying on that drug?

  3. I walk every day and eat healthy. I mean the meds are working just not for the food noise or hunger. I'm losing plenty of weight.

  4. Well only thing I can think of is find something to keep your mind off being hungry. It’s tough I know. I know I actually went the gastric sleeve route and it’s not easy. I just try to stay busy. You can get thru it👍😊

  5. Hospital is basically 2 rotations you have internal medicine u follow a team work up pts. Do a verbal soap note make recs. Regular hospital depends where u go. If u go to rehab hospital its more discharge counseling or med recs. Typical hospital u learn everything like IV compounding working with techs. Veryfing orders watching labs etc. it all depends

  6. Did amb care with Albertsons. It was mostly working on MTMs and the Albertsons version of mtm. Also did CMRs and cmr prep for the surrounding stores. Worked with employee and diabetic management. It not typical amb care. I enjoyed it. I didn’t like calling store’s telling them hey yall need to work on your mtms. Felt weird since being an intern. Oh and worked some Covid clinics or flu clinics

  7. Eli Lilly did this on purpose yay know right. They making a killing. Knowing dam well ppl will ho crazy over the new magic drug.

  8. It is ridiculous that insurance won’t cover this. Obesity is a diagnosis

  9. I was very disappointed to find out that Amy smoked through both of her pregnancies. Even if you’re a smoker, why during pregnancy??

  10. I guess you should have asked pt dob ? Idk. Ppl are stupid

  11. When are these companies gonna change with the new rec from cdc opioid guidelines Supposed to be more lenient should help folks with chronic pain?

  12. He was helping andrea out. I mean its the end of the world

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