One positive thing about the clownvoy (for me) is that I got my dog from them. Those idiots abandon him mid-February last year and I was able to adopt him. His the sweetest dog I ever had. He still afraid of trucks. Every-time the garbage truck comes he gets scared and hides.

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  1. no lol it's Maia Knight. i highly doubt Ms. Rachel would consider a podcast with Kail. i could only see Ms. Rachel going on a podcast if it was about parenting/education only and not with problematic people

  2. Maia Knight. she blew up last year bc of her twin girls, Violet and Scout. she used to make tiktoks "lets make their baba's! (making their bottles)" and other vlog type things. she doesn't show her girls faces anymore but they're still in her tiktoks. she was making BANK in like Oct 2022, she got a lot of hate for exploiting her girls and not worrying about their safety. a lot of her followers were scary obsessed with those baby girls.

  3. I mean, the guy ended up carjacking a car with a child in it. He also had a bunch of charges even before Jenelle

  4. my dog has it out for the mailman but nobody else. uber eats drivers? they're fine. amazon drivers? they're fine. garbage men? they're fine. delivery trucks? they're fine

  5. idk why people chose to ignore that their mothers are the reason that they were on the producers chose the girls based off of how crazy their mothers were and the ALDC was only chosen because all of the producers favourite moms were from the ALDC

  6. Weird. I've seen a lot of victims' families say these random people jumping into true crime's podcasts without any knowledge and skills is unethical. Someone's tragedy is not your niche to make money.

  7. true crime sleuths have hurt this case along with many more so much. so many innocent friends of the victims were doxxed, harassed, and stalked because some weirdo online decided they were guilty bc of something or a "feeling"....then it turned out to be some guy who nobody suspected and was a stranger to the victims.

  8. Maddie and Chloe 100000% would have left to go to a way better studio. i think the Hyland girls were planning to quit before the show but decided to stay for it

  9. I think they would have left without the show. At the end of the day they all knew the exposure they were getting from the show and that’s probably what kept them there as long as they were.

  10. they all tried to break the contract but they were locked in a 6 season contract so they didn't have much of a choice. only Kelly and Christi were able to break it, Kelly bc she smacked Abby and sued people and Christi for unknown reasons

  11. When the moms were asking Melissa about her engagement ring!!

  12. agreed. production told Christi to bring up Vivi's adoption and get Cathy to talk about it but Christi refused to

  13. The contract thing will always confuse me. I can see Melissa and Kelly signing something without properly reading it and being like 'woo, tv!' but Holly??!! I cannot understand how they all got stiffed with a 6 season contract.

  14. i have a feeling there was probably something in the fine print or something like that

  15. I disagree with some points. The moms all made decisions that they felt was best. Melissa chose to not always go against Abby, which was smart in retrospect. The moms all admit that (it’s deeper than this but still). Imo, all the moms facilitated abused by allowing their daughters to stay on the show for so long. And staying in the studio beforehand.

  16. They actually did this one! Kendall and someone else did a freaky Friday duet in one of the later seasons

  17. true but it would have been way better if it was a group dance done in like season 2

  18. But the moms kept renewing their contracts every year like they only had 6 seasons and Holly even said that she stays because Nia wants to be there in S7 Holly also said that “if Abby can’t meet Nia’s needs we will continue to walk out the door” when the older girls came back after leaving like honestly she could’ve left because truth be told they were in a 6 year contract to Season 7 Holly & Nia could’ve left if they wanted to but they stayed.

  19. That doesn’t even make sense. The ALDC remained separate from the show through the entire duration of the show. They signed the contracts because they wanted to.

  20. how does it not make sense? you need to sign a contract before you can take classes at ANY classes were only an ALDC thing so you needed to sign the ALDC contract for that....

  21. I’m not sure about the texts but I think I saw a video of Camryn saying that the girls, except Nia and someone else, never made her feel included and like she was part of the team. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she did say that.

  22. i'm pretty sure Kenzie was on the show because there was no one else to watch her. the girls father was....not at all reliable and i don't think Melissa had enough money to hire a nanny to watch Kenzie while they were filming. i feel bad for Kenzie that she wasn't able to try other interests and i wish she had the opportunity to

  23. Greg was a boyfriend at that stage. Greg also worked a full time job (probably a stressful one since he was pretty wealthy). i’m sure Greg was a friend to the girls and sometimes would help Melissa but he wasn’t their father and he wasn’t their stepfather yet

  24. I get that but everyone knows jojo. Kids, adults, everyone. She has shoes with bows in shops. She’s on lunch boxes. People dress up as her for Halloween. She’s on shirts and hats. I can go on and on. She’s definitely more famous.

  25. i wouldn't say EVERYONE knows Jojo, if you're not in the age group that watched DM or don't have kids young enough to be Jojo fans, you likely don't know who she is. i do agree she's more famous then Maddie though

  26. I can use the same argument for Maddie though. If you don’t watch dance moms and aren’t into the dance world you probably don’t know Maddie either.

  27. i never said everyone knows Maddie....i literally agreed with you that Jojo is more famous, i just pointed out that Jojo is not insanely famous nor is she everywhere in every place

  28. ? Even if he is, he's completely white passing.

  29. being white passing doesn't mean people will not be racist towards you once they find out you're native american. you've clearly never heard of the saying "no matter how much milk you add, it's still tea". Josh being white passing doesn't mean those comments can't harm him and he won't be subject to racism bc he's part native american

  30. I feel like my old store manager and her favorite employee had conversations similar to this every day while sitting in the office instead of working.

  31. LOL it's like this at my job too. the fav employee snitches on EVERYONE for the smallest things and the manager has SO MUCH favoritism towards her, then they both wonder why no one else likes them.

  32. how happy and excited the girls where when they told their moms they got the jobs for the Lux music video, especially Brooke. that’s one of the only times we’ve seen Brooke genuinely excited and genuinely happy over things involving dance.

  33. nothing makes Abby more bitter and upset then seeing her students doing better without her, especially when it comes to fame

  34. Also not normal when you express this to a teacher or parent, they dismiss it as you being a cry baby and being told to get over it! How would any child learn healthy emotional regulation this way?

  35. right!! it's normal for humans to cry when they're very upset, it's even more normal for CHILDREN to cry when they're upset. i know it's important to teach your kids how to calm themselves down before crying but Abby just screamed at them to not cry.

  36. on the show? Kira or Stacey. watching season 8 made me really dislike Stacey, she attacks everyone over the smallest things AND she bullies kids directly to their face. Jessalyn is very insufferable too

  37. She also did several interviews about having a gf/coming out in October/November 2021, but I guess a lot of people still didn’t believe her or something lmao

  38. yeah in the vid they said that people kept thinking they were saying "girlfriend" as in friend. i know there's some people (typically older ppl) that call their girl friends their girlfriend

  39. yeah in Oct of 2021 she posted pics with her Brook (her gf) kissing and hugging. then she made a youtube vid introducing Brook as her gf in Feb and making it super clear.

  40. Diana never owned this necklace, she just wore it once. i'm sure Harry and William have some of their mothers belongings

  41. i'm sure they both have much more to worry about and be bothered by then a Kardashian wearing a necklace their mother wore once and never owned

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