1. How come you say girls aren't likely to reconsider things?

  2. Many people seem to want to create the impression that their life is all leisure and vacation on social media though

  3. How do you predict you will eventually meet your lover / partner? through Tinder, online, real life?

  4. I don't think insurance would cover repairs indefinitely...plus there is the hassle of driving it to the repair shop with broken glass on your seat and not having a car while it is in the shop

  5. Oh, I know. I kinda ran into this problem when I was living in inner city Cleveland. My solution....at that time? Well, it's not the best....Don't fix the broken glass Tape up a garbage bag to cover the broken window. The break ins _did_ cease after I got sick of replacing the window and just embraced the ghetto aesthetic. And, perhaps more importantly, they could open up my car to see there were no valuables inside.

  6. ah , I've actually seen cars with taped garbage bag windows! this explains it...Frankly penalties need to be higher for people who smash car windows and they shouldn't be able to get away with it

  7. Looks like the 2017 Hefner special I have in pdf format. But with a different cover, I can check it if I get home

  8. it actually isn't part of the monthly issue but an additional special

  9. Damn I had it and threw it out recently 😭 should have kept it

  10. seems like it is actually a limited edition issue and there is no PDF or ebook version for it

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