1. I played only one time since the last patch. Could not play again

  2. I'm the same, played once or twice after the patch and I won't be back until it is fixed.

  3. What about their stamina? Played 7 people using big presure , won all 7

  4. Same here. I just put on hug the touchline and play first time passes...eventually the space opens up.

  5. I love this thing where people lose and then say the game is bad because of that.

  6. It is getting ridiculous. I'm actually enjoying this Fifa. Might miss some passes but so does the opponent. Got to grind out the wins instead of crying like a baby on Reddit.

  7. A few hours...I mean, a more effective use of you time would be to do an extra hour or two at work and buy a few packs, would it not?

  8. 41212(2). Basically CDM on stay back/cut passing lanes. Full backs stay back. Both strikers get in behind...enjoying it so far!

  9. My wish is that everyone who quits a game or purposely disconnects during a game should not be allowed to enter another game for 10 minutes. Every time they quit, the time between their games should increase further. It's about time this golden goal rubbish comes to an end.

  10. I agree but only when said player is currently drawing or even winning. You should be able to quit without penalty if you're losing 4-0 and getting outplayed as time is precious!

  11. Your team is not bad tbh. If you're losing more games by 1 goal than you win by 1 goal it could be a mental thing? Don't panic, don't sprint, don't commit defenders, have fun

  12. Yeah, what other game mode is better than Champs at this stage of the game??

  13. I agree, I just wish they had kept the schedule from TOTS so you could play on Monday and Tuesday as well.

  14. It is shit. Even worse when you equalise and they quit! What is that all about? Surely we should get the win?

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