1. haha sorry it was just to make the focus on the freckles! but i don’t think diet or daily activities really impact my hair or eye color. maybe freckles if you’re talking sun exposure.

  2. I don't know, I said that because ones I heared a biology teacher that it could affect.

  3. Lol no, i’m in a biology field and diet and working out don’t change your eye or hair color

  4. I don't know if he was reffering esceficly to that. Or other fenotipes

  5. Q no hace hace falta que mandes pedazo texto cuando el fin era el de entretener, no otro.

  6. Spain is " Ally with native tribes that cannot defend themselves to fight together against the American empires and unify the entire native population into one"

  7. As a representative of the European Court of Geopolitical Justice, I confirm that the verdict is: Spain gets back Gibraltar from the brexiteer Britards, in effect as soon as Spain leaves the free and sovereign country of Catalunya.

  8. Don't worry celt mate. Just wait until they come here and then kill their king (or send it back to scots). We will help invadin Gibraltar

  9. There is nothing wrong with playing as a genocidal racist in a video game anyways

  10. I was being ironic. And technically you can't be genocidal if you don't want to genocide population/fail at doing it.

  11. Bro you have to give short answeres so I can edit to make a logical qustion for it. But if you speak about inquisition, civil code and a dictator its difficult. Specially for the inquisition.

  12. Interesting... im too lazy to imagine an answere so you will have to wait to the edit.

  13. Barely. The trend has slowen down a little. I dont see anything fun or somethin.

  14. I mean there might be a post or two out there each day, but yes, this is considered inactive for a sub with 100k members.

  15. I gave just checked and there have been 10 posts in the last 10h so 1 post/h

  16. Thanks for that gemanics, if your didn't act there we would england in the latin gang

  17. No, your rule all the land except iberia. We just know were is our market

  18. We only rule a small bit of land. We do however rule the sea.

  19. I feel insulted then I see that a man from Madrid made it, I pat him on the back twice and leave him with his things

  20. A monoliguistic madrileño speaking about education when north regions (and madrid) have the most difficult ABAU exams

  21. And more north African genes than south Spaniards!

  22. And more north african genes in the whole peninsula. A strange combo tho

  23. Clearly. The only one of them that doesn’t have what would you class as “self determination” is Scotland. Because it’s part of the UK.

  24. He lost a leg to a balcony and got stranded, simple as that m8

  25. That explain how they got out of the US despite they doen't know in which continent they are.

  26. Hm so maybe that’s where my haplogroup comes into play with my mother’s side then. The little that I’ve asked about my father side I found they are heavily Spanish influenced in name and features. Word of mouth saying they are all tall and light skinned complexion. I don’t know how much truth there is to it but regardless a new piece of information to my heritage

  27. I just remembered maybe come from the Spanish and portuguese. In the iberian peninsula there is some arab hereditate. So maybe most of the european hereditate was lost meanwhile the arab continue being heredated.

  28. Wow that’s fascinating, so because of the slaves as well that’s where the north west Asian comes from too then?

  29. Not sure I don't not enough about that. But maybe migrations?

  30. The biggest difference between the US and the other occidental countries is that ones don't want to have enemies and just want to have good internstional relation and US want everyone as a poor vasal or as enemy.

  31. Spain has been playing around with free trains for about a year. It started off wirh mostly local trains, but it has now been extended to long distance traind and busses.

  32. Didn't people reserve places that because were free and then didn't use them?

  33. For we Wales and for you the rest, just divide like in old times. If irish want to help they can unify their island.

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