1. Have you been ghostfeeding it after giving away the betta? Do you have other livestock like snails and shrimp in there? How long has it been running since?

  2. I gave it away yesterday. Ghostfeeding, not really, no other livestock too. should i get pure ammonia and start ghostfeeding everyday?

  3. yeah anyway, just to confirm, i tested it, and the ammonia nitrate and nitrites show 0, i suspected that i may have crashed the cycle, but then i found out that if my tank is planted (which it is) then it’s normal.

  4. I would save your water, plants and decorations and use it to start his new home. I am not a professional! But I have 2 healthy little guys and that's what I would do for them. I would also make sure his water was as close to 77-80 degrees to avoid temperature shock. I heat up my new water when I do partial water changes, not too much, but I keep it as close to the 77-80 degree temperature as possible. I hope this helps you and your fish!

  5. yeah well i’m willing to do the same, i just want to know whether it’ll crash the cycle or no.

  6. 10 Gallon heater and filter 78F about 4-5 months water changes weekly 20%, and once a month large water change no tankmates atisons betta pro pellets, bloodworms driftwood, many real plants, anubias java ferns crypts

  7. OP, just install an app called flip camera, it shows your selfie flipped, so that you can tell if you have assymetry.

  8. you can already guess how the comments are going to be

  9. Are you keeping your laptop plugged in most of the time, then, when not in use? Perhaps that’s wearing down the laptop. I try to remember to unplug mine at night.

  10. well, isn’t that supposed to keep the cycles up?

  11. No it doesn't mean it's narrow lol. When you swallow your tongue blocks the airway/throat so food doesn't escape this was made biologicly so you don't have food sitting on your mouth... but there is a situation where you may have downward growth that effects the size of the airway/throat but that is a completely different situation that can be resolved

  12. So am I mewing correctly, since the salt test confirms my posterior third involvement?

  13. I still prefer movies that are watchable than the “realism” movies. Can’t get myself to watch it, and I’ll never get how people get themselves to watch it.

  14. Cliche in moves isn’t necessarily bad, it depends on how they show it.

  15. So I used to suck my thumb till I was 14, and now I’m 18, and I think I have a kind overbite. But I don’t breathe through my mouth and my tongue stays intact with the roof. But I am not sure if I’m mewing correctly though, I doubt that my back of my tongue is touching the roof.

  16. Id say don’t shave the sides short. That’s makes your cheekbones pronounced like it. Keep the sides.

  17. Guess you have an overbite with jaw asymmetry. Neither mEwInG nor EaT oN yOuR wEaK sIdE will help.

  18. don't see mewing as an exercise. mewing is the correct tongue posture, so try to keep your tongue on the top of your mouth (MAINLY the back of the tongue, not just the tip) as much time as you can. with time you'll start doing it without even realizing it

  19. Is suction hold the right method to ensure that the back of the toungue is in contact?

  20. A movie where the protagonists take off in a journey to find some sort of antique related to the dark side of Kerala’s history with

  21. If that’s the case, you do you. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but Hikari bio gold is known to have some filler contents.

  22. i wasn’t fighting about the ingredients. i was just suggesting a readily available small pellet. op can worry about nutrition later once their betta has a pellet they can eat. i’ve spent a handful of hours researching fish nutrition already.

  23. Yes, and I use both English and Malayalam. It depends on what I am writing about. It easy write in Malayalam about family and my own emotions. But some how for me it is easy write in english about my work, future plans and things like that.

  24. But don’t you think, when you look back into it after a long time, wouldn’t the things written in Malayalam make you feel more nostalgic, regardless of what it is?

  25. Just move. If cars are there wait until it’s clear. Simple.

  26. Another thing I’d say, is to take A LOT of photos of urself. Trust me, the feeling you get when you look back into it later, is amazing.

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