1. You know I'm always torn weather to say something or not. In my car I'll right up fuck with people like creep ahead and lean on the horn just so they hit the gas then breaks super fast. Or thrown gummy bears and looked away like it wasn't me. I have a fairly loud bike, so I have just reved the shit out of my bike till they look over and I usually shake my head in disappointment. Continue to rev the fuck out of the bike if they continue to text. My town recently got motorcycle cops to help combat the distracted driving. Context I live in Canada and don't have to worry bout being blasted by some fucking lunatic.

  2. I started riding this year, i am 31. My wife has always said she wasn't comfortable with it, we've talked about it, and we always decided it wasn't the right time, or it's to dangerous. This year I signed up for a moto safety course. I told my wife that I love her, but this is something I want in my life. I don't need her support to live my life, but I want it. I don't want to regret never buying a bike, and I don't want the regret to be resentment because she wasn't comfortable with me riding. She understood, and said she supports me, we have a two year old daughter, my wife bought me a helmet for fathers day. "So you can always think of us before you ride" Despite her hesitations and fears, she is incredibly supportive. She will pull the car around so I can get the bike out the garage with ease. If we meet up and I rode, she'll run my helmet and coat to the car. And we both smile from ear to ear when ever our daughter hears a motorcycle she gets excited and starts yelling for daddy.

  3. Definitely huge fan of windshields for this reason. Though I have been swarmed by wasps when stopped because of all the dead wasps on my windshield.

  4. Grinding floorboards isn't unusual. It's fun and it happens. Check that the floorboards are free to lift or choose a different line is most I can offer.

  5. Love those bags. I really just want something lockable and eventually set up for longer distances. So far I've been using my bike for a commuter/grocery runner as silly as it sounds. I went camping last month and would of liked something better than the oem bags I have.

  6. I had 3 bikes with floorboards. Everyone I would drag the boards around corners that I didn't think were very hard. The floorboards fold up so they don't get too damaged while turning and most have a nut or stem that's replaceable.

  7. That's the thing I've had times where I've felt restricted or startled by the floorboards when I wasn't expecting to drag.

  8. Learn to fight, every weapon is barely effective in the hand of someone who doesn't know how to use it. Learn to be aware of your surroundings and to avoid situations you feel you may need to defend your self.

  9. I throw my jacket in the freezer 20 mins before the ride, I also have a big 12"x12" ice pack I got my wife when she was pregnan --it stays flexible-- I velcrow that bad boy to my body. But I am a delicate flower and I wither in the heat.

  10. I am fairly new to motorcycles but rode a scooter for years. I would say I encounter an idiot everytime I ride, and honestly sometimes that idiot was me. I've never had to layer down or had an accident.

  11. Have you ever considered putting your gloves behind your windshield?

  12. Haha truthfully that's where I set them when they blew away last. It's a very windy place. 20-40 kmh average wind where I live.

  13. Nice! Glad you're enjoying it. I was a little down on the idea of it only having 805cc, but when I rode it I was pleasantly surprised by just how much punch it has

  14. It's my first bike so the 800cc was a bonus, i didn't want to go over 1000cc, but didn't want to be wishing I bought a bigger bike. Plenty of punch in my books, but still very forgiving.

  15. I often give the nod, but try for the wave when possible. Msf courses where I'm from teach you to stay in gear at lights so you can get out of dodge. Having been rear ended in a car at lights to many damn times, I follow this advice. If someone is offended I didn't wave because I was clutching in, we can fist fight about it at the next light.

  16. you can drive with a small leak, you aint cornering with that bike so be real.

  17. I definitely put heavy lean through corners, I've even scrapped my lindy bars through a tight corner the other day. I work in automotive just not the mechanical side and both my brothers are mechanics. So I have every tool I could need. Breaks have lots of pad left. Was told they are soft I just am a learner. They have yet to feel like they are soft for me.

  18. looks like a mighty beast to corner, the balls you must have.

  19. Honestly its pretty fun to corner hard with, I probably should be more scared then I am. When I was 15 I was banned from getting my license (epilepsy) so I picked up an electric scooter, removed the limiter. The damn thing went 55kmh, 60 if the wind was favorable. I rode it through canadian winters, we took it through parks. There was no rules on them at the time so it was dangerbay. Low sided a few times, I've also successfully jumped out of a car at 40 kmh and attempted 55kmh, that one was a wild 20 yard skid. Have a baby and family now with age so its just about the safe ride, open road and cruising.

  20. Forks won't leak enough to drip onto the floor.

  21. Yeah there is definitely oil on my forks. Can see abit on the caliber. Doesnt look like it's been leaking long, probably gunna pick up a can of break clean. I'm going to get them done when I do the tire, I need the tire regardless. I'm going to try a homemade seal mate just because I'll need a month to save up. Until then I'm just gunna send'r.

  22. Good to know, I researched most parts availability prior to purchasing the bike. The bushings appear to be replaceable.

  23. I use to crew for hot air ballooning, I have some pretty wild stories. We live in the prairies. So we would fly at 10knots or more if we could get it off the ground. I've had my fair share of rough landings or where all said and done, I hoped on the basket to slow it down while it drags 100 yards. I've worked for good pilots and dangerous pilots. This is pretty standard. The pilot could of atleast told them to go into a landing position.

  24. I know exactly how you feel, I too am a new rider. My plan was to use it to commute everyday, but I feel like I keep making excuses not to. But I'd rather my head be 100% in it and ready to ride, then ride and wish I hadn't.

  25. Nice looking bike. Those metric cruisers are really the best value in bikes.

  26. Honestly loving it, my wife keeps telling me it looks like a cop bike. Might name it Farva.

  27. Did your experience friend do a thorough inspection of the bike? There is a useful resource so you can go in with both eyes open. Good luck and let us know how you make out. Post pics.

  28. We gave a bout a 30 minute look over, only thing he mentioned was the tires are on their last season. I opened up the fuse box to look for any sort of damage. No stains where it was parked in his garage. Couldn't test drive it cause it isn't plated. Costs about 200 a month here to plate a bike, so I understand the seller not wanting to let a learner test ride his un plated bike

  29. I’m not sure where you are used bike prices have skyrocketed in the last year or so. I’m not sure where you are but here is a sample search in the US.

  30. Unable app up here in Canada. Yeah I've noticed I started looking in March and April but now that its season people seem to be adding 2000 to anything and everything. Guys are asking 3-10 grand for 1970-90 bikes. Even non running project bikes are going for 1500.

  31. Is there a version of this that lets you switch to red light if needed?

  32. Fenix makes a bunch of different attachments for most of their lights. Red, blue, green filters, aswell as wands. I've had a pair of these since 2011-12. I don't worry about them breaking.

  33. I've recently took a tool to ifix4u, was 3 months with no call/no answer. So I stopped in to check up they told me 3 more months till it could be repaired. I asked for my tool back they gave me a box of the whole tool torn down. It only needed a switch. Took it to prime fasteners. They broke more than they fixed, stripped the motor mount for the gear box, and reassembled it without the gaskets, it lasted one week before I had to take the time to rebuild it my self. I dropped off all new parts. They kept half of them, wouldn't of known if I didn't take it apart my self. Currently have a 1000$ tool that is worse for wear after repair.

  34. Devil is in the details, they don't have to know your time line. Most dealerships are going to be pretty motivated for a sale, your chances are good.

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