1. I speak Greek, English Italian some German and some basic French

  2. Yeah I go to the gym three types a week that’s the thing I’m talking about, I can’t really change my body type nor want to but I’m looking for recommendations on how to dress better

  3. When he's dancing w his suit of skin to Goodbye Horses

  4. I’d probably do that but I don’t think my teacher would approve

  5. Try to cheer her up and if the drugs don’t stop tell her parents or someone else she will not appreciate it at first but it’s the best thing you could do in my opinion

  6. I put off watching the last episode for some months, I didn’t want it to end too. I watched and I really don’t regret it because I felt a relief and I was just happy because of how amazing the ending was

  7. Back pain is a usual symptom for me I get it every time

  8. What I really like about everybody dies is that house realises death is not punishment but for him something good and a relief overall. Everyone dies because after all they deserve one way or another

  9. He probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with all the fur

  10. I’ll start with season one, I asked because people told me to start the Simpsons or family guy on a specific season because they have a lot of seasons

  11. House making Taub into Hitler, especially ironic since he's a Jew

  12. Something’s wrong with your gum and teeth hurting but I absolutely agree that sprinkles are the absolute worst they’re so useless and make everything look cheap

  13. Well technically according to the guy who created him Hannibal isn't mentally ill. He's fully aware of why he does what he does and where the urge to eat other people comes from. There is no negative mental pathology to explain what he is. They can't really diagnose him. He knows too much about the human mind. He can easily fool them.

  14. I did read that whole comment while in Ancient Greek class and it made it better so thank you.

  15. Cool gay cannibal show with amazing cinematography, I couldn’t really resist

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