1. I mean the pictures you see of PNC have similar vibes to Oracle . But even as a SFG fan it’s my home stadium so my opinion is basically invalid bc I automatically like the stadium 😄

  2. Agreed that’s how I feel about PNC. But I think both parks nailed incorporating great backdrops. That’s why I never understood Cincy’s stadium. Faces away from the city and just faces the OH river

  3. Just did a quick Google search and PNC only cost $200m ! That seems incredibly cheap to have what many consider a top 5 MLB ballpark and is the fastest built MLB stadium in only 22 months ! Stats are fun

  4. Oh yeah it was crazy cheap. It is just a two deck stadium with a relatively low capacity too which helped. They had to ship all the limestone (which is what the outside walls are all built from) in from Minnesota

  5. Areas around Pittsburgh are stunning. Beautiful nature vibe, relaxed atmosphere, purple to blue political climate.

  6. Seriously. I wish we could have numbers in the other fonts instead of just the wood ones. I like noting when my custom team wins a series or a players number is “retired”

  7. Seattle is a neutral party to everyone but the Yankees. We haven't won enough to piss anyone off and we haven't taken any major players from anyone. Plus everyone of a certain age loved that 95-97 team. Half of you rooted for Seattle in Little big league.

  8. You’re not wrong. I’ve always pulled for the mariners simply bc Ken Griffey Jr was THE man in my childhood days. And I’ve never been west of Chicago

  9. The commentary is awful, especially the color commentary. I would hear that line about Johan Santana in his prime every game before I muted it completely.

  10. You're definitely right, but it's not as big of a gap as you'd think. People in Seattle were pretty upset about them letting him go so unceremoniously. I was at the last home game of the season that year, and the emotions were palpable. It was a legitimate hard ball move from the club that rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way. Then, the story came out about Seager after the fact and a lot of fans turned on him, but at the time it was a big deal to a lot of people up here.

  11. Yea geez this guy could’ve stopped after the first sentence. As an American I’ll just politely concur we don’t use washroom. Bathroom at home, restroom in public. Toilet sounds either gross or on the other end, maybe a bit pompous

  12. I don't think that they're going to keep the branding or the name. Just seems like such a missed opportunity to capitalize on new merchandise.

  13. This is so great. While I’m glad to see better parks IRL these days, these are what make me nostalgic

  14. Anyone else’s custom jerseys in franchise now all messed up? No numbers on the back, and the front number is high up mixing with the Jersey script. Simmed to an off-season to “redo” them but the issue is still there

  15. How do you group objects together? This is a very helpful tip thank you!!!

  16. If on PS4/5, hold L1 before selecting an object then once you select it, it will say that new group has been started. Never let go of L1 and just keep selecting the objects you want to group together

  17. Gorgeous. Now imagine how they’d look if they actually updated it so that people used the amenities!

  18. There needs to be like a milieu option where you can scatter standing fans, you’re right

  19. As a european, red is always left-leaning in politics (see Soviet Union). So the Republicans being conservative and red is throwing me off.

  20. Weird thing about this is that it’s only relatively recent that it’s been like this. It really started from the colors networks would use to color in states on election night depending on which candidate won. On older broadcasts from the 1980s it would be blue for the GOP, red for Dems and then it switched for whatever reason and everyone has gone with it since

  21. Marino, Namath, Jim Kelly, Curtis Martin, Darelle Revis, the list goes on. Pittsburgh has enough for a HOF wing.

  22. I hate when they want to talk in our accent so they use the phrase “a dingo ate my baby”. That’s a terrible tragedy where a baby died and a family’s life was ruined. Americans say it like it’s a joke. I hope the family doesn’t see these awful jokes :(

  23. Honestly I think a lot of it comes from an old episode of Seinfeld where Elaine says it. I didn’t know the backstory for years and I think a lot of Americans repeat it thinking it was just some odd non sequitur line from a popular sitcom

  24. this is entirely not the point obviously, but why the hell do the yanks say "three fourths" instead of 3 quarters?

  25. What’s the context? We’d call it 3 quarters if it’s related to a football game - video wouldn’t load for me

  26. The team that finishes bottom gets the #1 draft pick.

  27. Appreciate this! I didn’t know his full name. And a lot of AFL searches for me bring up union related results lol (American federation of labor)

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