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  1. OP, di ako sigurado kung alam mo yung website na ito, pero ginagamit ko yung ChatGPT.

  2. Ingat sa chatGPT when using it for the literature review. Mostly yung mga studies na cinicite ni chatGPT is not existing and gawa gawa niya lang para mag fit sa query mo.

  3. If you follow Kara David on her instagram. She actually helps those people na fineature niya sa documentary niya. Marami na siyang napagtapos.

  4. BBM is no Daemon Targaryen but I approve of this. Let them burn! Dracarys

  5. I really feel bad for Rhaenyra when she’s trying to make a peace with Alicent at the small council meeting. That scene made me a Team Black.

  6. Ang sakit pa din. Na delete ko na lahat ng games sa pc ko except sa RDR2. This game will always have a special place in my heart hahaha.

  7. Loved the performance by Emily Carey on this episode. She was really good. Allicent without her father's influence could become a good queen.

  8. "You see a man whose character changed. I see a man who got found out... for who he truly was."

  9. Power hungry lang talaga si Imelda hahaha, kahit may kabit pinagtatakpan pa din. 🫠🙃

  10. I feel like at some point, Leni has enabled disinformation. Isnt it too late lol plus with the government right now? May silbi pa ba un?

  11. She didn’t enabled it, she’s doing her work for the past 6 years. And Marcos was working destroying her image in those 6 years.

  12. Can you include securityd? Its taking up too much cpu suddenly and apps wont work. The apps will just open on launch screen and will suddenly crashed. I have 3 jailbroken iphones and this is happening on all of them

  13. Are those the only tweaks you have installed? If not share your tweak list

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