1. I don’t think anyone is complaining about Howie’s moves ocean bee

  2. I see all you eagles fans crying over them lmao

  3. What on earth kind of careers do these people have where they have this much disposable income to burn 100,000s of thousands of dollars on SW? Im so jelly

  4. Daddy’s credit card. Most whales in this game aren’t those that made it. It’s that their parents made it and they’re spending their money

  5. One generation to create wealth and another one to make it to dust.

  6. Niners reminding Eagles about the Chiefs which scare them

  7. A Chiefs team that beat the Eagles by three whole points in the Super Bowl, I'm quaking in my fucking boots lmao. Meanwhile Haason Reddick in your head rent free.

  8. I don't mind saving Guild Seals every season for an Xmog. But having these Xmogs behind a 1-2 year timegate is ridiculous. This skin SHOULD be available at the end of next season. So tourney players can lord over us with their earned skin for a season, and then let us buy it with guild seals.

  9. Com2us only cares about the whales though and the whales are at the top. They can give less shit about us peasants

  10. It's a good way to quit. You immediately remove the sunk cost fallacy because all your progress disappears. Some people will never get the runes to compete no matter how diverse their monster box is. Over 80% of players don't have an LD 5 after 5+ years of playing too, it seems impossible but it's true.

  11. And it's funny but the opposite happens as well: some players get really lucky with their runes, but get no units at all.

  12. Dude has the same curse as me. Half my summons are nothing but hell ladies. It’s frustrating. Pulled Beth like 10 times already

  13. It’s a great way to decide whether to continue playing or quit. Get a good ld5? Cool, now you can finally do well in this game. If not? Well you got rid of your mons so now you can quit

  14. Bengals suck. They lucked into beating the backup QB for the Ravens and beat a Bills team that is atrocious in the snow. They aren’t even contenders.

  15. Making fun of the Philadelphia for losing 3 championships in the same year ≠ whining about the Niners

  16. can't even spell 'smallest' correctly, geez guys

  17. Can you remind me the score of the Purdue vs Northwestern game?

  18. Hey man don’t be mean, this 4 game win streak is the peak of their program

  19. Losing to us was the peak of your program.

  20. The division which doesn’t have the 49ers in them

  21. Well at the end of the day. I as a consumer own a PS5 and a top of the line PC. I would buy Bloodborne on PS5 but I wouldn’t do so on PC

  22. I don’t know anything about that game.

  23. There is no way in hell that you will not be able to beat BB if you beat Elden Ring, I'd keep trying. It will click eventually.

  24. Probably used summons to get through Elden Ring.

  25. My sister is number 4 prostitute in all of San Francisco!!


  27. Okay? What do past teams have to do with the current teams? Currently Northwestern is a better team, that’s what matters

  28. Haha man northwestern is a good team. I’m not denying that. That being said, purdue is a national title contender this year and Northwestern is a 7 seed. I really hope we play again in the conference tournament.

  29. I mean, Northwestern is most definitley not a 7 seed, they’re playing much better than that. And Purdue is not a title contender, they literally lost to Indiana. They’re a joke.

  30. Of course you are. People from Seattle are some of the weirdest people period

  31. Parrying is yes, fantastic against Maria, but you still need to have stellar positioning, timing, dodging ability, and everything else to be successful at the game to beat her anyway.

  32. It is cheesing. But there is nothing wrong with playing on easy mode if you find the game too difficult.

  33. Over 7 billion people didn't watch the Superbowl

  34. We know. Outside of the US people are poor.

  35. Imagine judging somebody for watching something they enjoy, while most sports fan use their favorite team as a personality trait lol

  36. I don’t have to even check your profile to know your some anti-social twitch user. Get your clown take out of here

  37. Jesus, it’s been like 3 weeks now. Are you okay???

  38. I am more than okay. Eagles lost hahahaha!!!

  39. I came looking for man’s butt. Oh I know who you are, Chris Hanson, but see I-I calls you Chris Handsome. I watch your TV show all the time. So, you can go ahead bring them cameras and polices waiting outside. It don't make me no difference. Now, I tell you what…I like ya and I want ya. Now we can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way the choice is yours.

  40. You're not very good at this whole "funny" thing, are you

  41. I can taste your salt through my screen lmao

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