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  1. I can't believe these greedy assholes took platinun bundles away because people were making "too much" coins off of them. Yeah like 400-600k in coins for $100 is really squeezing EA dry! Look at the options now. 4 to 8 packs and 2 toppers for $100!!! EA sucks. From DDA to pack odds, to killing WL and gutting the rewards. They've made it impossible to be NMS and retarded to be pay to play. I'm so happy this is happening to them.

  2. Nice try EA, I ain’t purchasing no packs!

  3. New passing is ass. I swear it chucks it directly to the defender and anything you lead away is an overthrown “perfect pass”

  4. My oline just wont give me time in the pocket. Ive used the god squad oline and TT oline. Makes no difference. Everyone i play is running man blitz out of the dollar and get instant sheds. Sometimes running the ball works but if im passing i cant get more than 3 to 5 yards a play.

  5. I saw him for 2.4 mill and thought what if I do the set, the damn 88 is 2 mill also! Like wtf?

  6. Saw a couple folk earlier in the day fat-finger their auction and put him up for 200k, still kicking myself for missing those

  7. Generally Super Bowls are going to be hell games. If you watch top tier players playing seasons, every game is a playoff or Super Bowl game for their opponent. The game matches you up with someone 10x better than you with the best players for your playoff games or Super Bowl so you’re less likely to get free coins and good rewards. The only time top tier players play other top tier players in seasons are during their own playoff and Super Bowl games. Otherwise they’re playing 85 overall teams who are 20-15 H2H and lucked out a streak to make a Super Bowl. It helps keep the top tier players rich so they can always afford the best players, and the average player poor so they spend real money for the best players.

  8. I can see how EA would profit more from keeping average pkayers average. The biggest illusion is the need for higher ovr cards to win games. But after losing a superbowl you feel the need to upgrade sonething so buying a pack or a bubdle becomes more likey. I played straight bots for 8 games straight. Then I faced a demon who knew it all had it all and did it all. Cant lie, made me want to upgrade to all thoes 90 ovr legend players.

  9. There should be an invisibility cloak that players can obtain and wear like the Black knife assholes in the evergaol. Catch is you gradually lose health while wearing it.

  10. HB Stretch/inside zone Ricky williams, crossers/corner routes Crabtree. Its all I see now in H2H. Its like PA boot over scramble with Henry all over again.

  11. Smart move. Although I will say, 2 bundles = around 2.5 mil that I’m just sitting on so coming back will be easy if anything gets better

  12. Yeah I Got lucky af on a 89 ovr randy moss from an all madden 82+ pack using training. Sold his ass for 430k upgraded the team to a 82 ovr. Now i can actually play h2h (but still getting destroyed by the 89 god squads). Ive been killin it on solos and house rules though.

  13. The grind. Respect for pushing yourself through the bs right now

  14. Id recommend trying it for a week or two on a seprate account. The grind with a struggle squad can be just as fun and just as heartbreaking as rippin packs. Difference is the actuall cash. If I can get this POS squad to win me a superbowl at somepoint, its like pulling a LTD off a gold+ pack. Feeling is unmatched.

  15. Same here. There was an update too. I thought EA just banned me for no reason, glad to hear it aint just my game.

  16. They are, I pulled a Jefferson out of the 320 last week. I don’t think it’s worth doing now with how low the prices of the elites have dropped, I spent about 200k on training Saturday and it was a huge L, even with getting 1 or 2 86s

  17. I have 89 moss and montana with 50/50 SF TT. Everyone else kind of avergage though. Thinking about selling my whole team and getting off this TT and just building a good squad without the TT boost. Any suggestions?

  18. I'd probably wait to see what we get with campus heroes this week. Might even get 90's who knows.

  19. I'm just buying 79s under 3k and selling them for training. Averaging about 24 coins per training. Trying to rack up like 10k or 15k. Know any better methods?

  20. Im pretty sure if it was never medically diagnosed prior to enlistment and it was diagnosed during bmt, it is not fraudulent enlistment, though it could very well be a disqualifying condition.

  21. Im sure you can contact a law office and see what the process is (if there is one) to appeal it.

  22. I'll just break down breakfast for you because i remember it. I dont remember lunch or dinner because i was either too tired or too hungry to give a rats ass what i ate. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast, pancakes, hard boiled eggs, cereal, oatmeal, peanutbutter cups and fruits. But dont dare put all that crap on your tray at once, you'll get looked at, yelled at, or something worse. Also they have juice, milk, chocolate milk, but fair warning the decaffinated coffee and tea was pure dogshit. Enjoy your 10 minutes and dont forget your wingman before leaving the dfac.

  23. I made a profile for this. I know exactly how you feel. For 10 years I’ve suffered silently with depression and a gnarly binge eating disorder. I didn’t want to miss out on any deployments or let the team down, so I kept a mask on at work, never telling anyone how badly I was truly doing. I would hit days where my head felt above the clouds, and I’d naively think I somehow white knuckled my way through it. Then weeks and months of low LOW valleys would strike, and I’d be back to warring in my own mind.

  24. Thank you so much. Reading yours and everyone elses comment made me look at my daughter and think about what it woupd be like for her if I never adress this. I know as much as my wife loves me she could just take her and leave. Can't help someone who wont help themselves. I can't lose them, their the best parts of my life. I'm gonna call MH today and set up an appointment. Also have to just suck it up and tell my wife whats going on. She knows but i think if she hears it from then she'll be less scared or stressed. Work has no clue, in fact they just gave me a speech about my outstanding performance. Funny, never knew depression could present itself like that. I just hope after all this I am still able to put on the uniform and most importantly be a better husband/dad.

  25. Hey. I came on here a few weeks ago with a post scared to reach out and get help. A lot of people on here commented and shared their experiences with getting help and how it’s POSITIVELY affected them. It did not ruin my career at all and reaching out only helped my career in a sense. You’re never alone with this feeling at all OP ❤️

  26. Its crazy that not being alone in this is a solid fact but the brain makes us feel like we're completley alone. Thanks for the reply. im really trying to get my shit together and go into mental health.

  27. I corrected my TI on how to pronounce my name. I shit you not He dead ass said "No I'm saying it right! You've been pronouncing it wrong your whole life"

  28. You simply won't go operational if you can't pass PT in Techschool. You're gonna do mando PT until you pass or the AF decides to send you packing. But honestly, just hit the gym and eat healthy. Once you finish techschool you still gonna have PT tests and even squadron pt, wing runs, etc. The only thing that changes is now you have a shitton of work to go with it (depending on your AFSC). I'd give my left nut to crosstrain and go back to techschool where all I needed to do was go to class and workout.

  29. Ohhhh man. Yeah I quit playing for the year after I fumbled the ball in my endzone, recovered it and watch ny own player celebrate because the game registered it as a TD for my opponent. When you score a TD for your opponent, its time to play MLB.

  30. Congrats man. BMT was not that bad honestly. Yelling. Moving around all fast. That kind of shit is annoying but it has its purpose. PT was fun. Thats when you got some time to yoirself to run and work out and think. Time really flew by during basic in my opinion. Maybe Practice not being on electronics as much. Its kind of shocking to some people when they get their phones and laptops taken away from them for 8 weeks. Youre gonna be fine though Its really not that bad. In the end when the 8 weeks fly by and you graduate you'll be so happy. Best advise to you brother, dont be slow, remember your reporting statements, practice drill movements and for fucks sake when your MTI asks you to sound off, yell off the top of your lungs. You're gonna crush it.

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