1. Seriously though isn't this usually some c-suite job to make unpopular announcements?

  2. Beethoven lost his hearing at 27 and never was anywhere close to as tone-deaf as this announcement

  3. If GME has another solid beat, this could be a really fun week.

  4. Another 50% like last time would be nuts. GameStop need show it can be profitable outside of Q4.

  5. You're right. They started downplaying the web3 stuff after Q3 saying not many resources would be dedicated to it, then completely ignored it Q4.

  6. Honestly I don't see a long lived market at all for web3 gaming, and if it did happen, I don't see why you would want it attached to a company like GameStop which has so much retail / physical baggage. New VC investment into crypto is down something like 90%+ compared to last year, YTD.

  7. Yeah, bigbear doesn't post right away. I approved yours so you get a few upvotes all the same

  8. They should've done what every other bubble idiots were doing and did a IPO. But...no....they wanted to wait and wait and wait.

  9. Jesus Christ the bots in this sub make actually laugh out loud when I see them.

  10. That’s exactly what I’ve been researching today! And it’s even worse - I’m in Canada and I remember the price being around $11 for the shelf alone, and $15 with the cover. Now the shelf alone is $24.99… more than a 100% increase

  11. $34.99 on sale now! Found this comment because I was certain I bought them previously for $8.99 on sale

  12. That bot won’t work in 2 months since that will be post-APIcalypse.

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