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  1. This was posted a few years ago

  2. Truly - exceptional work. Well done

  3. Love the Dooce. I remember when he started out doing bs assignments. Climbed up the ladder (doesn’t hurt his dad did fox and friends forever too)

  4. I glanced at IMDB reviews and what a mistake that was.

  5. If alien came out today you’d see a thousand Reddit post about “equality” or the film having a “strong female lead.” It goes both ways - I don’t know why either point of view cares - if it’s a good movie idc if the lead character is a man from the moon. Just enjoy the movie and movie on.

  6. Ackwell, try to say Serge. It's not so difficult. "Serge" sounds like a detergent.

  7. Why lol? It’s been two years isn’t Biden president?

  8. Isn’t that what that goofball from South Carolina said? Hmm

  9. It’s outrageous that a former President would refuse to return classified documents after repeated requests. That’s the real story. All Americans should be enraged by his lawlessness. That a court sanctioned search was required in order to retrieve the unlawfully retained documents is a sad commentary NOT on the politicization of the DOJ, but instead on the depth of Trump’s certainty that rules don’t apply to him.

  10. Would it be justified if the docs said who killed Kennedy? Or if we’re alone? Or some other top secret govt stuff going on? Or corrupt (if they all aren’t) politician(s), or some other shady stuff? I’d say yes but, who knows now!

  11. Or, you know, Queen Elizabeth is a lizard? Or the earth is hollow? The spaghetti monster is real? Star Wars is our true history?

  12. Wait the spaghetti monster isn’t real?

  13. Pretty sure nowadays someone would sue for sexual assault

  14. Dick Morris, now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time….a long time

  15. But! Gas is down a dollar!!!!! /s

  16. But I see your true colors shining through.I see your true colors and that's why I love you

  17. All these bbby posts = time to buy puts

  18. Is this the bill that taxes anyone making over 30k ?

  19. Do I have to watch s3 or can I skip it? S3 was tough

  20. I like that map - what’s it called? Link?

  21. Nobody said it was triggering, just that it was political. If a pride flag is triggering you should also seek counseling right?

  22. It’s the us flag? How’s it not political? Is a German flag not political or a Chinese flag or any other countries flag not political? But by your logic let’s say it is political so is a pride flag therefore all flags should be removed. We need to create one flag that’s not political to hang in a classroom that everyone can get behind. See how nonsensical this is?

  23. So what should that one flag be? Why do there need to be flags in a classroom??

  24. Have been there myself due to bad business decisions by the company. Life’s full of peaks and valleys - just keep going! Soon you’ll be back on a peak

  25. Indiana resident - I’m ok with this. But I agree as others have mentioned - need to set up better networks to provide for single mothers, but first and foremost better ways of giving FREE contraceptives. At the end of the day of a person wants an abortion they’ll just go next door to either IL or MI. not sure what OH is doing on this

  26. In a sarcastic tone: Point at it (not whipping it out) and say it’s not going to take care of itself. Then say I’ll be right back

  27. I always wonder who on earth cares enough who the lead what race or sex they are - but after seeing 100 posts about this - Reddit people - Reddit people care.

  28. I have to sit through the "did you hear the new x movie has a female lead? Stupid woke agenda" talk between male family members at least once a months. All without even seeing the trailer for the piece of media, let alone the whole thing itself. And if I say I enjoyed it its always "that's just cause you're a girl"

  29. I don’t know why it’s important to people? I guess they have nothing else in their lives to focus on other than sex and race of movie characters.

  30. Reshuffled my entire team - wanted certain experience, hired 3 guys who are really qualified- was told I need more diverse candidates - aka a lady. Been looking for the right one for 6 months while passing some other solid resumes. All about appearances

  31. Looks good! Any walk throughs?

  32. I was watching a movie last night…. The faculty (because of a post on here) and in a scene was xfiles on in the background. In the xfiles scene there was mulller in water with some white vampire creature looking thing. Does anyone know what episode that’s from?

  33. Was probably the "giant blood-sucking worm" from the episode The Host!

  34. Just google imaged it - 100% spot on. Excellent work

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