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  1. They think they can stop a blizzard with a shovel, when all you really need to stop a Blizzard is a horny teenager.

  2. Man, you guys are fucked up for this. Poor guy just looks like he’s desperately trying to hold onto his lunch. If he does turn out to be a serial killer though, my b.

  3. The resin their cousin was selling

  4. My stoner ass kept reading this as Piffa Hut

  5. Not to much. It's not enough for me. But if 5 times a week is what you want it's perfect. It's entirely up to you.

  6. I’m sorry there’s been a lot of confusion about what I mean. Obviously I don’t judge anyone who smokes more or less often than me, and as long as they’re functioning adults, more power to them, so let me rephrase the question: if I continue to smoke five days a week and take two breaks a week for the rest of my life, will my highs become less and less strong each week?

  7. I think the longer you smoke the more tolerance you build up. What amount and strain that would knock me on my ass a few year ago I can enjoy now without being put to sleep. I would say you will have to smoke more and more over the years to achieve the same level of high.

  8. He’s just trying to fit more and more in. Kinda like an Irish asshole.

  9. Basically the first actually good console FPS. Sure there were some fun ones before but it was the first to actually get a good handle on the controls and feel to match how people use gamepads.

  10. Don’t let the golden eye players hear you

  11. Exactly one in mind when I said some were fun. Sure it was good fun but the controls were garbage compared to everything else today and it did not age well at all. Even the PC remake doesn’t hold up all that well IMO.

  12. I hear you. I grew up with GameCube era so I was pretty spoiled when it came to controllers.

  13. Uh… is it politically correct to say it’s name?

  14. I was pretty disappointed with the album. Ironically, I fell in love with “Disappointed”. Those cheeky bitches know what they’re doing.

  15. Eh I guess you'd have to take a survey or something but I feel like blowjobs have a hard ceiling, can only open a jaw so wide.

  16. With a vagina you can normally feel it out. You don’t have to go all the way in.

  17. Pretty sure I’m one of these kids. Don’t have my own house yet, but my parents are definitely gonna help me pay for it. I’m extremely grateful that my parents are both in a good financial situation and gracious enough to help me get off me feet. To the people in a similar position bragging about your possessions on Instagram, fuck you.

  18. Gen 8 had some really cool ones here and there. I really liked the Dragon Pokémon that gen.

  19. I like Hatterene, Indeedee, and Typhlosion a lot. Other than that, I can’t think of a good one.

  20. I know this is something that Genwunners say, and as a lifelong Pokémon fan since the 90's I don't want to come across as a Genwunner. But man, some of the new Pokémon in Gen. 8 and 9 just don't do it for me. I have not been enjoying regional forms nor regional evolutions, they just feel like wasted space to me when instead we could have gotten a new Pokémon. And I also don't like joke Pokémon that only exist for a laugh.

  21. I think gen 7 had some of the best and most creative Pokémon released to date. Gen 8 sucked ass.

  22. none of us would be here without cum

  23. Kanye’s production is on another fucking level. Always thought he had cringe bars tho.

  24. If you gave it eyeballs and made it sway gently back and forth it would look like a grass-type Pokemon

  25. I know cacti is an acquired taste, but if one of my friends got me a cactus, it’d probably be the best gift ever for me.

  26. There's not as many rules with moms. They can't get the wrong idea (hopefully)

  27. Sometimes I feel grossed out or sometimes I feel it’s not worth my time and energy. Like I’ve seen the most beautiful women, in my head am I like yeahhhh let’s get it on but 10 seconds after saying hi and getting along I lose interest completely. It’s not that I don’t find them interesting or anything it’s just that something clicks in me and I don’t want to bang anymore. Sometimes I’d go home and do the 5 knuckle shuffle about said woman if the urge is strong.

  28. It’s not weird at all. I go through the exact same thing. Every woman I’ve ever had sex with, I’ve ended up being the one to say “I’m done”. I think it’s cause my anxiety medicine lowers my sex drive and it takes a loooong time for me to ejaculate. Plus, the sensation simply isn’t as nice as most people make it out to be.

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