1. Laganja won't be cast due to connection to cannabis. She can't get sponsors on her YouTube for same reason unfortunately. She was on SYTYCD as Miss Estranja which just wouldn't fly on DWTS as she's otherwise everywhere else as Laganja.

  2. Well if there is a bootleg, it should only come out after her run. We want everyone interested to go to the actual show to see her. I'm looking forward to publicity interviews, beyond the initial ones. It's wild this made ew.com and people.com, among other outlets.

  3. From the Broadway World article: ..."and has voiced characters for such animated shows as "Steven Universe", "Mighty Magiswords", "Bravest Warriors", as well as a few surprises that are yet to come!"

  4. Since we got Raja on the Simpsons I bet another queen will find their way onto another FOX show one of these days, especially something as queer friendly as Bobs Burgers

  5. On the Simpsons, I could see Jinkx being a cameo of Jinkx. But on both Bob's Burgers and Futurama, she I think would play some entirely different character but with her flair, like she did on Steven Universe.

  6. We can't make sure it will never happen. Gun control legislation, mental health education and services, red flag laws, regulation of hate speech and misinformation on social media could help.

  7. Yes, trans women can be drag queens. In this case, she is 100% not a drag queen based on info from a direct source. So she specifically is not both and shouldn't be used as a hypothetical.

  8. Going 4th in Freestyle could have hurt Shangela in the voting. But she also got to close it all out and be unforgettable.

  9. This bitch just burned the goddamn building down. I don’t know if she’ll win but she definitely showed the fuck out.

  10. Plus those guest spots! And Gleb! And she flew! I mean, she made it to the last dance, all 10 episodes, every dance spot she had, she tore up. And she just was the light of the season. She is a winner, baby!

  11. I'm not able to watch the episode yet, can someone explain what this is referring to?

  12. https://ew.com/tv/shangela-colorado-springs-shooting-dancing-with-the-stars-finale/

  13. Don't be mistaken - unfettered gun ownership is intertwined with patriarchy and with white supremacy. Guns just reinforce the ability of authoritarian white cis-het men of Christian origin to exercise power over the rest of us through violence and the threat of violence.

  14. I hope you are involved in local politics. I want people like you in power.

  15. I’ve always loved these charts and queens getting as many followers as possible but damn is IG falling off. No surprise, half the timeline is quite literally people I do not follow, don’t even really use it anymore

  16. IG: Clicks to not show an ad again. 2 minutes later shows same ad.

  17. Plus, I had the pleasure of getting put in a beta that gave me ads every other post/story. Not even exaggerating

  18. Let me take this opportunity to tell you about a meal delivery service that premieres on Showtime and is both machine washable and cures puppies of hair loss.

  19. Seriously, isn't Michelle doing fierce drag like this most every episode (plus knowing her other talents) showcase the hypocrisy of having only one AFAB queen in the history of all franchises? Come on!

  20. I honestly want to live in the purple look. Whole article with more pictures:

  21. Milk shouldn't have done Julia Child but I can't think of what he should have done. Maybe something kiss ass from Ru's NY club past like Susann Bartsch.

  22. I cannot believe they haven't hired better writers. And I agree with Yuhua that one of these times, they should actually give them a more dramatic script where people could show actual acting ability with more range. It can still have funny elements, but should be an actual scene, not just a rehash of RuPaul's old VH1 show skits.

  23. There's a very vocal minority of queers who are just so angry and vitriolic at the world that they're repeating the harm that's happened to the community, on each other.

  24. Yes, some of it is internalized homophobia and other internalized feelings, then lashing out to try to expel those feelings but just hurting themselves and others in the process. It's continuing a cycle.

  25. She also called out it was inspired by Tandi Iman Dupree who dropped from the ceiling into a split. She's the queen from the viral Best Drag Queen Entrance Ever video.

  26. I’m surprised she never went into acting. She’s got the perfect comedic chops for a Hallmark movie.

  27. She had a cameo in AJ and the Queen (which counts but totally doesn't). I don't know how many auditions she goes on (in or out of drag). I wonder with this one if she was just requested directly or had to audition.

  28. I wish they'd bring back Dragnificent, but it's probably not exploitative enough for TLC.

  29. They probably see We're Here is out there and just gave up. But I don't see how they could judge its ratings as it didn't have a chance to build an audience.

  30. Fierce, but my favorite of this song remains Evah Destruction:

  31. Lady Gaga posted to her stories to vote for Shangela along with a sweet message!

  32. I feel like she has had a fantastic showing, made the judges laugh like every episode. I could totally see her getting some huge opportunities after this.

  33. In a way, she may get the biggest relative boost because she would have been unknown to more of the viewers than most or all of the other contestants (due to them all being more "mainstream"). And she showed talent and personality.

  34. Texted and voted on the site. That Paso was soooo close to being perfect. Her solo section gave me chills! If she makes the finals, we’ll get to see her in a Freestyle, and that means a possible Death Drop in the Ballroom!

  35. I definitely am looking forward to her freestyle and her doing a dip.

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