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  1. Man, sure it sucks, but we only recently discovered it. Poor pantheon and aatrox players though.

  2. Nisam upućen, može li ih se nekako za plagijat tužit? Aj kad kopiraju s reddita, ali ovo je potpisani članak svjetski poznatih novina

  3. Why would i want to ban thatcher now? Everyones got the emp

  4. It's a very amnesia-friendly series. Even if you forget an important arc, the show will just remind you multiple times per episode anyway.

  5. I had my fill of sylvanas in the last 6 years

  6. Good. Horde are all animals anyway /s

  7. Fuck fuck fuck. At least Riot will finally fix it now.... right??? :(

  8. Well, YouTube is owned by google, and I'll let you guess who owns Google Chrome

  9. Im going to run my RX 5500XT to the grave before i decide to change it. 2019 wasnt that long ago.

  10. Novi zeland, pa na pol mapa nije ni nacrtan, toliko je zanimljiv za osvajanje

  11. I disable both chats. it more Zen that way

  12. Nah it's probably gonna end next year can't wait for the Hallucigenia memes to comeback.

  13. "AoT finsal season, this time for sure"

  14. Goku is screaming too loud. I cant hear you.

  15. Did you forget about yorick mori? I get why he isnt in the ruination but can we expect some lore development for him?

  16. Potentially dead, but most likely alive since it wasn't confirmed.

  17. Bro you just filled my copium tank for the next year

  18. actually, the bible does say about a figure who comes in light but is a wolf in sheep's clothing so that he can get people to worship him. So possibly, Griffith would be the 'anti-christ' here

  19. Yep, Christ himself lived the life of poverty, never wanting for a kingdom on earth. Griffiths whole story revolves around him wanting his own kingdom

  20. That son of a bitch. Grab him boys!

  21. It's easy to tell as the Cinematic for Battle for Azeroth makes almost no damn sense in the expansion proper.

  22. we never deserved a man like metzen

  23. Wait, people buy college textbooks?

  24. I think the nazis were on to something /s

  25. Iskreno, ovo mi se činilo kao najlakši način da se skrene s ozbiljne teme, svi smo brzo zaboravili da se zbog ine prosvjeduje i fokusirali se na idiote prosvjednike koji su došli tamo iz bog zna kojih razloga.

  26. Roditelji znaju, ja otprilike znam imena mjesta kad idem za doboj

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