1. You could grab an s5 or an s7 for two turntables and the S11 can handle 4 channel. Of your not into battle style you could snag up a nexus 900 pretty cheap off the internet I would assume

  2. That’s amazing, what an amazing amount of time to share with a pup :)

  3. I was told this has to do with excessive yeast in the pups diet, try adjusting foods.

  4. This could be coil noise from the usb, or it could be radio interference. Is your usb cable shielded with a iron ferrite pack on one side? It will look like a bubble in the usb.

  5. That looks fantastic! I bought a "M-VAVE Chocolate" to switch between patches but didn't have the foresight of needing the ability to switch between scenes within a patch while playing live. There is a noticeable delay when switching patches (ex: clean to distorted) so I've been looking to spec out a rebuild of my pedal setup.

  6. The TSMini audio/midi works with the midi commander, in hindsight I would have went with the TSMega, it has the audio/midi interface built into it, but it’s the same setup. I’m just learning about scenes as well

  7. Haha. I haven’t had a studio in 10 years. My old one was pure analog. Now if only I had any talent.

  8. Just met Steve last month in Portland, proceeded to drop the guitar almost immediately

  9. Technically alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, and that causes the sad.

  10. Might be hard to find as they are few and far between from looking in FB marketplace. I'm in OR as well and have only seen a few.

  11. That’s been the case, I was lucky to find the one we had for under 7k

  12. It’s to put a bucket on while emptying your pellet trap, so you don’t lose any.

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