1. hope you do Loosey next if you haven’t already! these are beautiful.

  2. Let’s all agree it’s not a season for the fashionistas…

  3. Yea the runway/ categories are…uninspired this season. Luxx has been serving consistently tho.

  4. The amount of projection and misogyny in these comments…. She’s not wrong for what she said…

  5. this thread invited all the askgaybros members in and i’m not here for it…

  6. That shark is a trans rights activist, we stan. ✨🦈

  7. She should know that body parts are not what makes a woman 🙄

  8. after a google search of who this is- CACKLING

  9. Imagine finding out your friend or something had one of these accounts. I would die of so much 2nd hand embarrassment.

  10. i feel like it would be a nicer experience if they set the girls up for success rather than have the show rely on them failing.

  11. i started with season 4 and worked my way up, then went back and watched all stars after. probably a better to watch all stars in between though since that makes more sense.

  12. not even smell the fart but suck it out 😭😭 wth

  13. We can’t fight against shit if we don’t know about it

  14. and what exactly are we fighting against here…?

  15. Straight attitudes towards members of the lgbtq community and shitty representation

  16. and out of every example you chose…an obscure reference to a 60 year old movie clearly no one here has watched. no wonder we’re still fighting.

  17. Aura, Sasha, Salina, and Luxx are the only ones i like tbh.

  18. 2nd one is giving Hugaceo but also kind of Trinity TT for some reason.

  19. somehow i’m still just as confused if not more than i was before watching the video.

  20. “and look at blu hydrangeas little song with ru collecting dust while mothers getting PAID”

  21. Bought an old house in England years ago and decided to wall mount a 40 inch Plasma TV in the back living room.

  22. Unfortunately the wall collapsed inward so lost TV and pretty much everything in the room. Luckily it wasn't raining and nobody was watching TV. It was insured and we got a stand for the new TV.

  23. holy shit…when you said it fell i thought you meant it just hit the ground. that’s really unfortunate but i’m glad you were insured at least.

  24. Mariah calling Jax's look a puffed cheesy snack is weirdly accurate

  25. Pep is me hanging out with my friends while they’re talking about drama. i never know who or what anyone is talking about 😂😂

  26. aw i think you’ve confused my husband with someone you know, that’s cute 🫶💗

  27. For myself: the first four winners are probably my top 4! They’ve all given us really memorable performances/runways in their winning weeks. I can’t shake Sasha as my winner, but we’ve seen some amazing talent so far despite the shortened episodes.

  28. No? It’s just an odd thing to say. Chronically online vibes.

  29. you commenting the same thing 3 times is chronically online. clearly you’re bothered.

  30. she had to get her lick back after getting cleared by miss kitara.

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