1. I never dry my skin with a towel instead I let it air dry a bit and then apply my products on damp skin. started doing this two years ago and it is my favvv. skin clearer than water 🫶🏽

  2. I try to apply products onto damp face but when I pat in, it leaves a white slimy film where I pat

  3. Hmm I don’t have that, do you rub it in really well? Also it helps to wait in between the steps a bit so it can absorb and then apply the next product!

  4. I rub it in somewhat well because I thought (still think) that you were supposed to just pat it without rubbing it in lol! So should i fully rub it in before patting it?

  5. What's interesting is that this car only does this in park and neutral, not in drive at a stoplight. Any more suggestions? Thanks!

  6. Did u ever find the issue? Having issues with my 2011 jerking at stoplights when in drive…

  7. Check your oil level if you haven't. Mine burns oil and never did this, but a friend's did exactly this when low on oil. He probably lets it get much lower than I do though. Then check that the person who replaced the plugs used denso or ngk. Could be a bunch of other things, but worth checking the easy ones first.

  8. Got an oil change 2 months ago and got air filter changed. Hopefully replacing the spark plugs will fix it 🙏

  9. Nizoral cleared my fungal acne but absolutely ruined my skin barrier. After using nizoral, I focused on hydrating and repairing my barrier. I slugged every single night for a month and my skin was back to normal

  10. could i use micellar water instead of kose speedy oil (it broke me out) to remove sunscreen + cleanse after ?

  11. I bought a 2011, 129k miles, couple years back that would not do better than 17 anywhere (city or highway).

  12. Do you remember what exact spark plugs you bought? Did it need anti seize

  13. i use shiseido sun stick but it does move makeup a bit so if u wear foundation or heavy concealer then i don’t rec.

  14. I started using cosrx white head power liquid and i’m (i think) purging. I have 3 big pimples on my cheek and nose and I had it there too a month ago. Is 3 weeks enough to see if it’s purging or breakout? also how long should i wait to apply my hydrating toners or should i do it before

  15. Can’t imagine being at the bottom and having to dig it out. I wish they would make pumps 😭

  16. I can’t imagine being this stupid sorry

  17. Her account history is even worse. He’s a whole dad who can’t take time off for a sick baby

  18. also, keep your head neutral (you should be looking straight ahead at the top not down)

  19. I read that tucking in ur chin helped but I definitely misunderstood and thought it meant to keep ur chin by ur chest the whole time LOL. Thank you!

  20. I posted a form check a few weeks ago and I (think) I improved a bit but I can’t stop arching my bscj

  21. What color? I feel like I seen him in the morning too. If it’s the same, I hate that guy

  22. IIRC at 15 days they can send your parents to family court. Out of curiosity, why the truancy?

  23. long story short group of girls want to jump me every chance they get and a history with a guy who has SAed me…

  24. No lol😭 i didn’t even know people could see hidden posts and that was me trying to make my friend realize that everyone else would agree with me but thanks for your concern

  25. It’s a store that sells plushies just like this but if you want the exact one u can search “smoko plushie bouquet “

  26. was just there today and I slowed down preemptively lol

  27. I thought they removed the other side ones too so when i was coming back from town, I didn’t even slow down and went 45 straight into the speed bumps 😭

  28. I was able to use the online resource to renew my registration (mvinquiry .hnl. info/title) (remove the spaces, I'm not sure if links are allowed here) and then get the safety check once the renewed registration had arrived in the mailbox.

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