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  1. If I see Timmy running to that container and doesn't shoot me first - I'll wait till he runs out and then kill him.

  2. I voiped someone when I was planting delivery too. He was pretty cool about it. I offered him a kill once I finished as I thought he was doing secured perimeter. He just thanked me for the offer and wished me a good raid, never seen him again. Fucking magic

  3. That just reminded me - last wipe I was on Customs, thermal scope, SVDS (I think) and hunting PMCs for Insomnia. I'm right by dorms, I see someone I start shooting, he runs and as I run closer he yells on voip 'please, I'm doing Bullshit quest 5th time, please just let me stash that'.

  4. Yeah, usually I have pretty nice VOIP experiences too. Plus, I mean... it's just a game. I'm not going to sweat my ass for one kill, come on. If someone VOIPs me and is nice, I'm chill :)

  5. It'd be cool if dog tag contained info needed for the quest. Like if you killed 3 dudes with bolt action in the same raid - that info is on dog tags, if you keep them, you can later use them as a way to tell Jaeger "hey, I did that already, look at these tags".

  6. The AI is dumber than rocks Forsure the AI needs an overhaul to be smarter.

  7. Well it depends on how you look at it, you have to farm some stuff for your hideout for example or barters or quests. If you have to find those infamous flash drives, you do kind of farming 'routine' of running and checking spawn points. And if you look through youtube and money run guides - streamers do stuff like money/loot/farm runs - so yeah, you definitely do farm in Tarkov.

  8. I mostly agree though I think they might see “farming” flash drives as fine because it’s finding things as opposed to gear, they really don’t want the players farming gear, armor, guns, ammo. Most people love the first few days of wipe for the wide spread array of things you’ll find, so if you can’t find/farm bosses then early wipe will last longer, At least that’s how it feels

  9. Yeah, I get what you're saying, but I still think restrictions mostly hit regular players while streamers still play CoD with zabralo and altyns after 2 days of the wipe.

  10. Kurwa jego w dupę zapierdolona mać

  11. Either record this spam and report to BSG or just not accept his invite (leave it pending, then he can't spam) or accept and bait him to say something that might get him ban.

  12. I feel like a lot of people that used to buy RMT are spending that money on radar now. I’ve found a graphics card in a building and had players sprint to my building and just wait outside it. Cool. I mean it’s in my ass and I only need it for bitcoin farm so it doesn’t matter, but I really would like to play the rest of my raid, not just get camped where I can’t leave a building for 30 min.

  13. I stream Tarkov (mostly to share screen for my buddies and so my friends can watch, I'm definitely not a streamer xD) and there was just my buddy watching, there was no one else on stream. I've found Dorm Marked Key and 5 seconds later, some dude enters my stream and is like "hey, wanna give me that marked key?". Of course I didn't want to give him that key, so then I heard single footstep and I died.

  14. Anti-RMT obsession is the worst thing that's happened to this game.

  15. Come on, it's realism. It's OBVIOUS that if you're overweight and run, you don't train your stamina at all. You didn't know that?

  16. Scavs may be a little too broken this wipe.

  17. With the current state of the game, cheating, desync, RMT obsession, I'd also prefer PvE coop.

  18. You don't have to go through my post history, I'm just pointing out how stupid your assumption is that anyone who disagrees with you is a "simp".

  19. Who disagrees with me? No, I said defending AI implementation. Because come on, it's far from being good, to say the least.

  20. Yes BSG's AI implementation in Tarkov is abysmal. Surviving headshots is not the problem, however.

  21. Well, I'd still argue it's bit silly to shoot Sanitar or Glukhar in the naked head with an SNB or M61 - in general 'big bullet' and see how they sprint. Or laser beam you.

  22. I'm so thrilled about lockpicks. I hope they'll be balanced BSG way, so something like:

  23. picks lock - door jiggle noise louder than the alarm on reserve for all players to hear

  24. Oh fuck yes! No gunshot sounds, but if you pick a lock, whole map knows.

  25. Or in other words - "I have 10 roubles and 5% survival rate"

  26. Well, this game has one of the worst AI implementation ever, so... yeah, this happens often sadly.

  27. You could've just write 'daily tasks suck'.

  28. This is first wipe I've found gas analyzers and flash drives so quickly - first day. But usually it takes me a while too.

  29. Check out the short stories of R.A. Lafferty. Some that fit with what you want:

  30. The Last Valkyrie by Dietmar Wehr is about humans trying to survive in a future where the Earth was destroyed by some of the aliens they met out in space hurling meteorites at the planet. The last of the human have become scavenger types and find a ship which has been adrift for thousands of years with an AI that's asleep. She awakens and bonds with one of the humans and ends up defending them. The AI is sentient and her kind ascend to another level.

  31. Honest commentary: Spend a few days listening to the X-Minus 1 old time radio show. Dimension X has a few different stories, but most of Dimension X were remade for X-Minus 1. Those should give you enough stories, plots and themes to accomplish your goals.

  32. If you can give us some examples, then we may be able to help, but this is so completely nebulous and vauge that it seems like your asking us to do your work for you.

  33. A Pail of Air, I Have No Mouth, but I Must Scream and The Martian - I'm mostly interested in stories of that type, either explores something largely 'unusual' (like the rogue planet in A Pail of Air) and that focuses on small group of characters or even one character.

  34. I don't know if there is any difference between the SP and online AI, though I doubt there would be. It's still a game designed around a quest/story loop, not a PVP loop. The NPCs were designed to be very scripted and act more like their own person, creating a more believable world. I do agree that a game like RDR2 has better, and more complicated AI compared to Tarkov, as it is one of the best examples of AI in a video game for sure.

  35. It was a good chat, most civilized I had on this subreddit ;)

  36. The main difference is having the AI activate via "triggers" (not sure what the correct technical term is) around the NPC in the environment. In a single-player game, through the flow of a player around the map, you can generally control a lot more of where they may end up traversing, and therefore can place as many of the triggers as needed in very relevant places to help the AI act/seem more intuitive.

  37. Yes, that's true, they definitely get 'stuck' in some cases, like they're trying to load too many commands at once and in result they do nothing.

  38. Luckily I work from home. So less competition for me xD

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