1. No need, although who would ever believe Oda would even give the American Sports Team that many words or breathes in a interview?

  2. Jeez I haven't seen that done in a minute.

  3. Doesn't surprise me, they both excel when on the court together. Communication is a underrated aspect of team sports.

  4. As small as some Japanese apartments are that was probably the only place she could hide without injury.

  5. Is this statement an audition, Draymond?

  6. We would have to pay him Harden money or he wants coaching experience from the bench a la Sam Cassell to come be a veteran leader here.

  7. Apologies... Man I wish we could celebrate with a discounted release of the OVA collection

  8. A shame we couldn't drag GSW down last night. They are fighting to stay out of the play in scrum

  9. Somewhat disappointed. His design is fantastic and the story is cool as well. Execution and writing for him leave a lot to be desired. He is a brute and acts like it but doesn't have any feats besides dying and coming back.

  10. If you got the cash and some time, go for it. It is a unique experience, with characters you may or may not see in SF6 when all is said and done

  11. played some games i really like it.i play with chun li.my biggest problem is that sometimes i forget to defend and im way too agressive.i guess its the hype? Any advice on that?

  12. Sorry, not the best person when it comes to that. I am either playing characters with safe options to respond to everything or those that it is fun to play over aggressive regardless of the winning or losing. It is one of the reasons I love shotos they usually give you a good balance of those.

  13. Doubtful, him and Ryu's cousin from the SF Animated series are not exactly the most original characters nor in demand.

  14. Some say that they are a hoax. Like all real large sumo are just guys in fat suits.

  15. This game had pressure sensitive buttons and moves would come on based on how hard you hit the button.

  16. I mean they found out the hard way that it breaks easy. More then your usual arcade wear and tear.

  17. It was a good game. Aside from the turnovers by our back court. However saw good effort on both sides of the ball from everyone. Eason was killing it out there. I don't know how we don't see both Smith and Eason on some All Rookie teams

  18. Terrible shots from distance, attack the paint

  19. Even my mother who gets most of her sports info from local news knows Silas ain't long for this job.

  20. I’ve watched almost every Rocket game this season. KPJ is the only one doing this kind of stuff multiple times throughout the year. If others were doing it you’d see clips.

  21. So you missed Eric Gordon on the court most of this and last season I take it?

  22. Cool... Please stop trying to put him and other players in standing submission holds. Thanks.

  23. I like him, I hope he doesn't fully defect but is left on the board with the rest of the Absolutians as future antagonists that can theoretically stand on par with the Ultras.

  24. I know and the dub is done by them but it is hilarious to hear it in English.

  25. That may work, he can use the Piccolo or Vegeta voice for Evil Eye.

  26. He can’t play 6th man but he’s a 3 now? After playing zero forward minutes

  27. Wasn't he drafted by Cleveland as a SG/SF?

  28. Silas was in the same room as Luka for a year and finessed a 3 year HC job from us. The biggest fraud in NBA history

  29. You know he was with the Warriors and other teams right? This isn't Jason Kidd or Steve Nash just walking in and getting the job.

  30. JG was great but had to work so hard for every basket. Why do we have such a tough time feeding the hot hand??

  31. Most of our guys, I mean all of them, are score first players. Tate for the sake of the team started to embrace the role of play maker but his instinct is to drive and score. So there sequences where guys will do too much instead of passing to an open man or keeping the defense honest by working it around the court.

  32. Interesting character, could use a better storyline to be the focus on then he has had so far.

  33. Did not think we would see the traitor this soon. And it being one of those right under your noses reveals too!

  34. The "I don't like the sound of that" like broke me. LMAO

  35. Mash is the Kramer of the group, after all

  36. He is the entire Seinfeld four combined with Kenneth from 30 Rock.

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