1. You could tell it was rushed. In the logs Eggman mentions only 3 islands. And for the end Sonic talks as if the other titans were supossed to show ip for the final boss

  2. Not to mention, he thought Knight was final Titan he had to defeat but after he did…he didn’t even somewhat question why others was still in Cyber form.

  3. I'm not surprised at all. SEGA is such an ass with release dates. Ngl they didn't even need to confirm that the ending was rushed. I just hope that maybe they could fix the last two islands in future updates, or at least improve the final boss.

  4. Honestly I didn’t even know the last two islands was rushed…I just thought maybe “they’re didn’t have money or run out of ideas” it happens..but ether was I do agree but I won’t lie I’m still pleased with last two bosses.

  5. On my first playthrough, I did not expect the mobs to be that aggressive and scary.

  6. Even in Assisted Mode, they’re really aggressive and scary 😂. I only saved like 80 times on my first.

  7. Just finished the assisted run for the wolf tail, gotta say, the novistadors do way more dmg than I thought they would on this mode

  8. Honestly i expect the enemies to do less damage like any game would do but nooooo lol.

  9. I try not to think of nihilism in terms of positive or negative. It just is.

  10. Life has no meaning, you’re just here to experience life so go for that delicious ice cream and do as you please, as long as no one is hurt by your actions and words

  11. Everything is absurd and it’s always going to be. At the end of the day, we’re here right now and we all have to come to terms with that on our own time.

  12. the soundtrack for this game is absolutely insane, i honestly prefer it to the original

  13. It’s actually really good…it’s probably gonna be my new favorite ability lol.

  14. Resident Evil’s decision to constantly change the voice actors almost every entry gives me a headache.

  15. I still don’t understand why…I mean they’re kept Leon’s voice actor from 2 remake in this game but why Ada’s….

  16. They nerfed her ears. Can't have shit in raccoon city.

  17. I bought Frontiers three times. Twice on switch and one on steam. I wanted both steel books but when I went to GameStop they were just handing them out to people even if they didn't preorder it lol

  18. I'm 47, never having kids, if I did..home school only..

  19. Did- did the lasers hit you!? I didn't even know that was possible! I thought they were just for show.

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