1. Damn placing the best mcu suit below the other ones is mad imo but fair

  2. Why wouldn’t it be? NWH came out same year 2 was announced and I’m pretty sure the developers knew this suit was gonna be requested fast lol.

  3. Not to mention, other two suits used in NWH are present as well. Black & Gold suit was only used in Sandman & Electro fight so it wouldn’t make since for the Red & Blue to appear.

  4. Classic Symbiote Suit, because you well know, it’s the OG and love the purple variant since it’s based off Ultimate Venom & Web of Shadows suit. Miles, I’ll say it’s between Evolved Suit (yes I actually love the suit) and the SB suit (one with the cape) mostly how goofy it is and other one mostly because how ridiculous the style is…it’s not bad or good in a way…it’s just amazingly ridiculous.

  5. Because it’s unnecessary padding to the game…I don’t mind it during Overworld when you do stuff…but it’s used so much in the main story that its unbearable.

  6. I actually love the game….yes the story has its flaws but the character moments and beautiful chemistry really sold me…I’ll give it 9.5/10

  7. The only problem I have with it is the death of the Justice League lol…especially Batman and Superman’s…like wtf. I’m still planning on getting it soon.

  8. Hi, kind of random but I was wondering where on earth you got the flamin hot puffcorn? I’ve eaten it for a few years now. A while back they took it off the shelves(as far as I knew) and I started to order it online for the last two years. Well they just discontinued it on the only website I knew to buy it! So any insight as to how I can get this again would be so awesome

  9. I mean I played the original before the remake came out ( I played the demo) but still….just so I can understand the characters and story.

  10. Agreed….and Sonic’s physics reminds me of Forces where I jump and stuff…he just feels sluggish to me.

  11. Resident Evil Village…I didn’t really care for the franchise prior to this game but I’m glad it helped me became a fan regardless.

  12. But don’t Mania takes place in a different timeline tho? It was literally told through Forces and Classic Sonic was literally a separate character in Generations.

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