The project is finished - the knife is completely handmade. Hand engraving, blade forging, woodcarving. It's always interesting to read comments about your work. Feel free to choose words, I accept both criticism and a positive rating.

C'est magnifique

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  1. Wildebeests, despite looking like cows or bison, actually are a species of large antelope.

  2. Or it were reasonable to cut even 30 (more realistically 60) hours of grass in a single day. No way in hell someone with a dinky ass yard is going to pay $30 to have that shit cut.

  3. I used to cut my neighbors yard. On my big riding mower it took 30-45 min and they gave me $45. Not bad

  4. That’s a cute little statue! But I gotta ask: why does the bird have a dog head? It looks like a French bulldog, lol. Maybe trim off the ears and make it a pointier beak? Like a finch? Anyway, awesome job. Much better than I could do haha.

  5. Personally, I like dry, hard hands. The calluses make it less painful to get burns, blisters, and cuts.

  6. I like that black knife on the far left with black sheath. Looks like a diving knife.

  7. Microwaves using faraday cages to contain the radiation were first created by scientists in order to reheat hamsters back to life. A fascinating video by Tom Scott on the subject:

  8. Yes, quite rare. I’ll give it to you for $6 if you cover shipping

  9. Gonna have to pass thanks for the offer though.

  10. SMKW had (has?) these for sale for 3 for $12. I picked up a dozen and have been giving them to my friends. They’re a great little knife! I’ve got mine to easy flick and drop shut with only minimal blade play. Not bad for $4

  11. 3 for 12…I got mine for 30🤦, I do agree with you about the knife play it’s almost like a fidget for me

  12. It’s possible but absolutely not a beginner project. Either make him something from steel or cast something from brass. A blacksmiths knife isn’t difficult if you can get some spring steel, and teaches you great skills. Leaves are also very easy beginner projects

  13. I'd say a kriss but that's an Indonesian blade and yours is definitely giving off an Egyptian vibe

  14. You are correct that Kris is Indonesian, and also that those are Egyptian hieroglyphics. I’m just not sure that the maker of this thing really cared about historical accuracy

  15. This was made for people who want an Egyptian-themed blade but not an Egyptian blade.

  16. It’s just the mirror edge, but I thought it was already chipped, glad it’s not 😅

  17. I’m a machinist and yeah… even the toughest carbide will chip of you look at it wrong. Don’t pry with this please

  18. Maybe I’ll post my forging shoes later. They have a few dozen pieces of coal embedded in the soles.

  19. I see a lot of joking comments. I’m sure there’s a serious comment, but I’m not seeing it thus far. That is not a skull but a pelvis. More specifically a bird pelvis. My guess is from a seagull, though I’m unsure of the scale.

  20. You and I have different definitions of cute. If I saw any of these while diving I'd just surface immediately safety stop be damned. I'll take my chances with the bends. I watched 20000 Leagues Under the Sea at a formative age so a fear of squid and octopi is permanently seared into my brain.

  21. Thankfully (I guess) if you are at the feeding depth of a a bigfin squid, the bends are going to be the least of your worries. This one was filmed at 2400m

  22. Speaking of can you imagine a healthy one jetting at you full tilt?

  23. Still gonna be expensive and remote, but a bit more feasible than the moon

  24. I think it would have to be a space station or off world (e.g. lunar) colony. There's no way you get everyone to agree on this.

  25. Hmmm. It’s tricky, but I’ll say eyes for all the aquatic critters. Also if we count compound eyes as multiple then that blows it out of the water, but I feel like that’s cheating

  26. I think that centipedes are uncommon enough that fish would overpower them (not to mention all the other things down there)

  27. Yeah. Getting the pacing right to reach the hotel… that was incredible.

  28. If you live in a place, which makes you feel unsafe buy a knife. There's literally no drawback to carrying one, considering that most knifes are really portable.

  29. While I absolutely do agree that everyone should carry a knife, it shouldn’t be for self defense. If you feel unsafe, carry pepper spray or mace if legal.

  30. it’s illegal where i live to just casually carry a knife which makes sense but i usually take a small multi tool one with me in case

  31. Can you carry pepper spray/ mace? Those are both better self defense items than a knife, and usually less regulated

  32. When I asked he said 7 years. If you want to check out his stuff it’s at

  33. That’s some great chatoyance, wafer. You always do an incredible job.

  34. I like the swiss model: if you're under 18 and less than 4 years apart, anything goes

  35. That would mean 8 and 12… I’d say at the very least have a minimum of 12-14

  36. It's also a matter of needing a hobby, right? My last hobby was all electrical. Metrology was calibration, standards, measurement. You need power supplies, electronic loads, oscilloscopes, batteries and battery backups, writing software to manage it all.

  37. Interesting. Right now I do blacksmithing mainly. While I’ve been able to keep my budget under $500 for the past year and a half, it can definitely get very expensive (buying a real anvil, forging press, power hammer, a shed, new tools, etc etc) I’m also getting into fly tying, which is a bit ironic; while I love fishing, I do not have a fly rod, so everything I make is useless to me.

  38. Haha, hobbies don't need to make sense or money. Blacksmithing sounds fun but I need to wait until kids move out. For now all I do is shaping, regrinding etc... Easy stuff.

  39. Still definitely learning. I have a few pieces in my profile, though I’ve made more stuff I haven’t posted. I really enjoy making mokume, and right now I’m making 5 matching sets of mokume earrings.

  40. On the contrary, I think its great. For a long time people made jokes about her, but rarely did you ever hear a negative joke about her.

  41. Yeah, that’s certainly a valid point. I saw this like a minute after I had heard, so I had the (obviously false) impression that not many people had heard. I’ve seen this meme on here a few times, so I (probably incorrectly) thought that this had been posted without knowledge of Elizabeth’s passing. I think that you are correct in that this was done in memoriam and respect.

  42. Since the soft squishy parts don’t get very well preserved, we don’t know a whole lot about extinct shell-less cephalopods (or if they were really around at the time) Do you think that we ever had a squid or octopus bigger than the colossal squid?

  43. Probably! There used to be this absolutely absurdly huge cephalopod with a shell

  44. Interesting! I knew there were some pretty big shelled ones, but I didn’t know there were any that big! (I loved your “ology” by the way ;)).

  45. Hello! I’m aware it could be a bit expensive. I’ve seen comparable prices ranged from $300-$850 depending on the bronzesmith, so I would assume around there. Not including shipping of course.

  46. Yeah. If you wanted it functional I’d say 600-900 so it looks like you’re prepared. I saw someone recently who wanted a European broadsword (double edge, fuller, symmetrical guard, leather wrapped wood handle, threaded pommel, the works) for under $150. It was mind boggling.

  47. Id figure something like that big and custom if you want it functional would be closer to a grand

  48. I think it would depend on the maker. It being large and an unconventional shape adds cost, but it being relatively simple (blade and handle- no guards or pommels) makes it a bit cheaper. It could easily be over 1000 depending on the maker

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