1. I wonder how well it’s gonna run I was thinking of just getting it on ps5 but if it runs good on the steam deck ofcourse I’m getting it on there

  2. Omg, I was not aware of this game. I am adding it to my wishlist immediately. Thank you for the suggestion!

  3. bro the tech is always advancing, so dont get afraid in getting one cause u will be missing all the joy

  4. Yeah true I’m planning on getting one in 5 months when my kid comes so we will see where the handheld market place is at and that will decide rather I keep my steam deck or get ayaneo 2s

  5. I don't understand why would anyone buy the AN2 instead of the rog ally nowadays... Don't get me wrong, i love my air plus but the only reason i got it was because of its small size. If i wanted a bigger device the rog is a no brainer at it's price and specs. Aya really needs to step up their game if they want to compete with these guys.

  6. I really just don’t like how the ally looks I’ll see more of it on the 11th but it’s not pulling me in.

  7. I'm from Canada, and I don't finish games. I just build my backlog, suffer mild anxiety over the size of said backlog, play a game to 60% or so, then move on to the next game to get to 60% or so. This continues full circle until I get back to the first game, at which point I can't remember how to play or where I'm at in the story, so I restart and get to about 60% or so....

  8. On a related note, I’m glad I got tired of pvp. I no longer have to buy games under a time restraint (of when everyone else is playing) which means I can get them WAY cheaper and play them on my own time.

  9. Ive been thinking of grabbing witcher 3, and your comment made me buy it lol idk it was only $30

  10. Lol nice to hear. Great game really is make sure you downgrade to the legacy version it runs better and looks better than the updated version

  11. Thank you so I’m not the only one lol. I enjoy my steam deck wayy more it brings out my inner kid lol

  12. Yeah i just sold my pc I find that I enjoy games way more on my deck. Graphics don’t amaze me im gonna buy a dock tomorrow prob.

  13. Are you able to play it smoothly at 40fps? For me if this game isn't at 60 then the frames skip when I move the camera. Its almost like a frame pacing issue but maybe I'm just a fps snob.

  14. That's okay, but 240hz display, who never sees 200+ fps gaming. eh

  15. Newer games I get 80-120 older games I get 144 to 165 like let’s say Fortnite I get like 165 and newer game like dying light I get 100 with raytracing high and dlss . Rdr2 80-100. u really don’t need 240hz. I get 240 in halo 5 and it’s pretty smooth but it doesn’t make the experience.

  16. How do you get that many frames ? I have a 3090 and AW3423DW and I’ll have around 100

  17. Idk warzone chose settings for me but I know for a fact I use dlss balance and everything looks really good

  18. Get her Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is GF crack.

  19. Rdr2 probably my favorite game ever made and it run’s literally flawless on the deck I had no problems from the jump

  20. RDR2 was an experience. I haven't tried running it on deck yet though.

  21. It’s pretty great on the deck just buy it on steam store and not rock start because then you will have problems other than that it’s runs and looks pretty good.

  22. I just bought it playing it for the first time. Should I add mods first or play it vanilla

  23. I have a 512gb Samsung sd card and 64 gb ssd steam deck and haven’t ran into no problems the shader cache does fill up the 64 gb but all u do is download disk analyzer and delete the shaders

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