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  1. It might be wise to consider if the cost is too much, look into some alternative power generation. Grid tie solar for example. Bills are only going up for electricity not down so might as well reduce cost now

  2. Now that is slick!!! Would love to know how you did the status board

  3. I just had to ask with the title, I’d be interested in entertaining a conversation, see if we are a match

  4. Okay, so if they smash up her office, burn her cars, and destroy her neighborhood, it’s violent right ?

  5. Don't overvalue china. Their military A) is not geared to fight overseas at all and B) have never seen a real war or conflict in their lifetime, their doctrine has never been tested even once. If a hypothetical war did exist, USA would take a dump all over them

  6. I’m more worried about hypersonic nukes that they are building hundreds of silos in the desert right now

  7. Honestly? That’s not a lot of firepower dude. 4 AR15s and a pistol, some mags, and about make 10 mags make this maybe a day at the range kind of firepower, I don’t see any body armor, I don’t see any kind of pack bags for optics, I don’t see a first aid kit, lot of stuff is missing if you are going loaded for bear. Different caliber rifles would be a good sign of someone having more firepower due to different situations, there is no one firearm fits all policy

  8. Too bad he’s anti gun, pretty sure he’s thought twice about that now

  9. They do, and for certain jobs, the requirements are downright silly, welcome to contracting for the government. I’ve done that type of work in a previous life.

  10. I wouldn't say I'm an optimist. I am far from it, and I am far from perfect. I just come here because at the end of the day. I've always been a computer geek, the kid who wanted a supercomputer as his dream because it was so cool. I battle depression, grief, and loss on a daily basis. I work in a place that I see death almost every day or am exposed to people's stories of loss.

  11. It shouldn't be only Pfizer, it should be Moderna, anyone who accepted money from the government for COVID-related research or medication should be thoroughly investigated after this.

  12. Absolutely, you know they're all craving that next big profit explosion. You know the other big pharma companies are looking to be first to the show the next time a dangerous variant of Covid "gets loose."

  13. Honestly, if this proves to be true. It shouldn't just stop at COVID. Everything they make should be under a microscope for research & profit margins. How long have they been holding out more effective cures for cancer? how long have they been holding research back for people who are diabetics. I say don't stop, I say keep digging.

  14. No thanks, congress doesn’t need any more security threats against it

  15. So his stock price went up in Tesla? Okay, well that's a good sign for him. It means more people are flocking to buy his electric cars. Tesla also does make more stuff than cars now too. Tesla is making battery packs for industrial applications / Grid Energy Storage, those are now starting to take off due to disasters, shortages, stuff like that. I can see that boosting stock price now given how in demand those are.

  16. Lot of guilt being shown right there, how much you want to bet me the second this aired, this guy was terminated from the company.

  17. Pretty cool setup, bet that was not easy to get that monitor to mount on that case like that

  18. I wanted to be able to find a way to do this but make it have the ability to handle thicker material, this way you could feed a protein shake to your subject

  19. Probably but I hope your are edging yourself till then too

  20. I picked the Scythe Kaze Flex 120mm case fans. I had picked these because I had good experiences with the brand from building high cfm gaming PCs. Now, given the noise since most people complain about it. I did this because the backplane of the Roswell case, does not have a lot of room for air flow, so a higher CFM pulls more air through your drives faster.

  21. I really wouldn't but I have bit of the preference. I hate this whole e core , p core crap in BIG.little design. It's Intel's attempt to be the super ARM. I prefer classic design x86 cores which is what AMD is using. Less complication for most software, less headache since everything is developed for it. My UnRaid has a 2700X in it I've ran for 3 years with zero problems. I've even ran [email protected] on it for a few months solid just because I wanted to, no real issue with overheating either. I would look into the 5000 series stuff since its getting cheaper by the day.

  22. I really do lie the purple with the black. It's a great combo. The corset is a nice touch, is that pvc?

  23. They didn't even get all the soldiers out alive. 14 were killed before they could get out. So how are they going to get rid of all the stuff? And remember, the US force in Afghanistan was relatively small compared to all the stuff that was there and once US signaled it was leaving none of the locals had any incentive to let the US destroy the stuff as it was all valuable booty.

  24. 👍 You make a very good argument with that, I’d have to agree…

  25. Probably has something to do with laziness, no one wants to do the paperwork, this idea makes a superior look bad, isn't that the general B/S excuses used in the military for someone not wanting to do their job?

  26. Interesting, I wanted to just repurpose my old stuff, but I have been wondering about efficiency. I was looking at the PrimeGrid GPU ranking

  27. Yeah, for power use though is where you save. You are not running multiple cards vs having less cards with more performance, less power draw

  28. It's definitely a balance. Right now I think I'm focused on just getting the most compute done with no up-front cost, but I definitely want to pivot towards optimization as I learn more.

  29. You might get lucky to just use the older hardware if you can find better versions of the board too for either consolidation on a bigger board, or very marginally cost upgrades that wouldn’t be that much, it’s time to go eBay shopping on those CPUs and see what your options are

  30. It's taken 3 years now for people to finally be burned out enough from the drama to stop pointing fingers at each other & realize that both of them were wrong. Now its starting to slowly boil off in tensions so that people can actually talk again. It's amazing how tribal people really are.

  31. The media makes it all about the politics and almost ignores the policies, and it’s exhausting because it’s the same thing over and over again—the horserace never ends.

  32. The media only wants its ratings. Chaos & drama make them money, so of course, that's all they are going to play.

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