1. Whatever you order, I would course out your dishes yourself but placing your orders incrementally. We ordered quite a bit, it all came out at once, and we ended up with a two-top filled with too much food. It was hard to savor each individual dish - and esp at that price point, that was disappointing.

  2. Just keep in mind that driving often takes longer than the drive time estimates on Google Maps.

  3. Stykkis has a great pool with a big slide. You might end up spending all day there if you don’t watch out! There is also a Bonus across the street from the pool. The bakery across the main road not far from the pool is good and has nice sandwiches, etc.

  4. If you don’t want to rent a car and explore Reykjanes, I would take the fly bus into Reykjavik. The center of the city is compact and there are interesting museums and sites. And finish up with an hour or two at one of the city swimming pools, where you can experience the real Iceland (as opposed to the cool but touristy Blue Lagoon.)

  5. I second the Stykkishólmur recommendation! Perfect for the kind of time you are describing.

  6. My understanding is that campfires are illegal in Iceland.

  7. I agree about the ice cream. Disappointing. So disappointing.

  8. Omnom chocolate isn't good. But the packaging is cool.

  9. And you can buy it in the States. I stick to Bingos!!!

  10. It’s the Post. No one who reads it is actually going to any of these places.

  11. If you are able to and feel comfortable driving, I highly recommend renting a car - at least for one or two days. That way you can do the Golden Circle and some other day trips. (Do a search on this sub for “Reykjanes” and you should come up with some suggestions.)

  12. I realize that you are looking for icelandic movies, but the eurovision movie, fire saga or something, has a wonderful depiction of Iceland

  13. It’s so funny. And has some great insider Icelandic jokes.

  14. There are plenty of folks doing sea swimming in Iceland. It is always also cold swimming! The sea never gets warm. Main rule - don’t ever cold swim when you are alone. Bring waterproof socks or some sort of shoe to wear in the water.

  15. The entry about the Virgin of Guadalupe is absolutely and completely wrong.

  16. I think are you are confusing necessities with limits.

  17. Exactly. Within a 15 minute walk of my house, I have multiple restaurants, bars, shops, supermarkets, doctors, gyms, parks, a library, even a theatre. I don’t need to get into a car or walk further for most things. But of course I leave my neighborhood whenever I want! (And a 15 minute bike ride - mostly on a bike lane - gets me into downtown Philadelphia.)

  18. 15 minute city is the idea that you create cities where everything you need in a neighborhood is within a 15 minute walk. I am lucky to live in one, in South Philadelphia. It’s amazing.

  19. Le Virtu is great but it’s not South Philly Italian.

  20. Sure, depends on if they’re looking for South Philly Italian food or “South Philly Italian food”

  21. I get the feeling the OP is looking for red gravy…

  22. Yeah Godafoss was one of my highlights, we went at 11pm as the sun was setting in the mist. only one other person was there. It was so eerie and something I’ll never forget

  23. Exactamente. Vivo en Philadelphia, donde la mayoría de el poblado Mexicano es de Puebla. Hay fiestas/block parties en diferente restaurantes poblanos y la mayoría de los personas no son gringos….

  24. Una deliciosa celebración con unas buenas cemitas

  25. At first glance I thought this post read “Baclava - useful while visiting?” To which I would answer: yes, Icelanders are quite fond of sweets. 🤣

  26. Ditto that. Freckly red head here and I love sitting in the sun in the pools of Iceland among the other freckly redheads not worrying about burning….

  27. You can absolutely do it in 7 days. I did the golden circle the day before we did the ring road and we had plenty of time

  28. But the OP is not just doing the Ring Road. He is including Trollaskagi and Snæfellsnes. And an odd detour to Vatnsnes. (All gravel road.)

  29. I added Trollaskagi and Varnsnes since I didn’t see much sites along the ring road in that part of the country and those places look scenic and interesting. If that’s wrong or you can recommend something, l may change it. Just curious why you think it’s an odd detour to Varnsnes? I see a few sites on Varnsnes as well as places where we could see seals. It is a 1.5 hour drive unless the Google estimates are off

  30. That’s what I did after returning my rental car to RKV! So easy to get back into downtown. And fun. (I usually hate those things but as long as you are not an asshole, 101 is pretty well suited to them.)

  31. I love renting a hopp hjól at like 3 AM and cruising around my town listening to good music, makes me feel so cool because I don’t have a helmet and could get a concussion at any moment

  32. You don’t have to take an Uber from the airport. There are prepaid taxis - easily accessible and safe.

  33. They made this change in 2021. Emails were sent out to tell folks that they needed to log in to then get sent a letter. Some folks received those emails; others did not.

  34. I just don’t understand how that place managed to open in the first place. Nothing in there is artisanal or organic!

  35. Masala y maíz. It's also one of the only places that hasn't been accused of labour exploration, sexual harassment or tip stealing

  36. Le virtu is my fav but it’s northern Italian.

  37. Le Virtu is actually Abruzzese (as are many Italian Americans in S Philly). That’s not the north of Italy. Abruzzo is in the northern part of southern Italy (or could be considered part of central Italy) and is a very distinctive region. With delicious food!

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