1. I have the acer predator helios 300 with an i7 12700h, 3070Ti and 32GB Ram . Mine was defaulted to medium at the beginning (at 1440p) . After reaching Hogwarts, I switched all my settings to Ultra (RayTracing turned off though) and I'm still getting around 70-80 fps . The cutscenes still stutter randomly though.

  2. The RTX 4060Ti , RTX 4060 and the RTX 4050 are rumoured to use the AD106 chip

  3. These are the median TimeSpy Graphics scores compared to other laptop GPUs -

  4. These are the median TimeSpy Graphics scores compared to other laptop GPUs -

  5. did you ever get this working? having the same problem with my xm4s

  6. Sorry, I know the thread is 2 months old but I have have an issue where the deck won't detect my XM4s when bluetooth is turned on. Is there any way to solve it ?

  7. The specs should be an i7 12700h with the RTX 3070Ti (150W) along with a QHD 240Hz G Sync Certified Screen, 2 x 8 GB 4800MHz DDR5 Ram and a 1 TB PCiE 4.0 SSD . It also has a MUX switch and Advanced Optimus . Its a big upgrade compared to the previous year Helios models as Jarrod rated this model as one of the best gaming laptops of 2022

  8. I’ve had one for two years, the screen bezel on mine creaks a little bit, but it’s aluminum on plastic, and have heard the same from others. It’s loud AF, but it’s a very solid performing laptop. The newer ones have better fans that are slightly quieter.

  9. The 2022 model fixed most of the problems with the earlier models too . Its almost on par with the Legion now according to Jarrod's Tech

  10. This thing is so badass. I really want one!

  11. The Predator Helios 300 only has a single 12th Gen Intel Chip model with a 17 inch screen but it only has an RTX 3070 with a 1080p screen (costs $1750) . All the Helios 500 models (17 inch) have 11th Gen Intel Chips

  12. I have the same laptop which I bought from Best Buy. I am pretty happy with it as it runs pretty much everything with good performance at max settings. My only complaint would be the somewhat loud fans. As for ram , I am sure that you can add DDR5 ram to it. Not sure if DDR4 can be added though

  13. With the same laptop , I got 11,900 on Turbo mode and 10,900 on default mode. Your score should be good

  14. 3060ti 10900 timespy avg. 6700xt 11900 avg so almost 10% faster in rasterization.

  15. AMD cards usually perform better in synthetic benchmarks than Nvidia cards

  16. While playing the demo , it dropped to 720p on the PS5 . So, it's probably unoptimized on all systems. Also , I think that many major reviewers didn't even recieve a review copy for this game which in itself should be a red flag

  17. AMD should be on par with Nvidia for VR I would think right? Cuz it's all just rasterization performance, no RT or AI bullshit

  18. Iirc , AMD lags a lot in VR performance compared to Nvidia . It's not similar like the rasterization performance

  19. rx6400 has the same type and number of cores, but at a higher clock speed

  20. The tweet from kopite7kimi regarding the performance of the RTX 4060Ti -

  21. RTX 4060Ti Specifications (according to current leaks) -

  22. The 3060 seems like a bad buy. It’s $60 more (20%) for slightly worse performance except maybe above 1440p resolutions and even then it was marginal. The 6650xt and the 3060ti seemed to be neck and neck at 1080p.

  23. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gpu-hierarchy,4388.html

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