1. I grew up in a broken home. 2 other siblings. I’m 31. Dad went to prison when I was 11. Before that he was controlling and abusive. I didn’t have my first friend till I was in 9th grade. Before I made it to 9th grade, my dad had broken out of prison (work release, the orange vest people you sometimes see on the side of the road) and kidnapped my mom brother, sister and I. I missed two years of school and was homeless living in a tent during this period with my family. My dad allowed my mom to get low income housing after a few years on the run. Once a person has been missing for a few years and pops back up on the radar, it’s gonna catch a few eyes. FBI kicked down our front door and arrested my dad. After this I got mixed up with the wrong crowd and started drinking heavily and doing drugs. I did this till I was 20. Dropped out of high school working at Taco Bell and was high and drunk 99 percent of the time. I robbed people and did other shitty things. That believe it or not is a very LONG story short.

  2. I shaved my medium beard into a mustache and I’m certain my girlfriend hates it. She kept asking me when I was shaving and if I was going to grow my beard back 😂 im going to compromise.

  3. I feel like, coming from a woman’s perspective like my own, you should have hid it a little better if that were the case. And she should also understand that it’s a natural thing to want to relieve yourself. Especially if you’ve been good that entire time and just recently turned to it to give her some time to heal. She should be happy that you’re not out whoring around. That’s my opinion. I think she’s hormonal looking for something to bitch about. Maybe next time hide it better

  4. My bad dude I’m not the greatest at this Reddit thing yet.

  5. I just joined Reddit a couple months ago and I’ve been without any kind of social media for over 2 years now, I’m officially out of the loop of things lol!!!! Add me! :)

  6. Okay people we all know the secret ingredient in the Krabby Patty formula is crab….. so I pick crab ;) 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. Round for sure :) both look nice, however the round just fits your hands better

  8. Looks so yummy!!!!! Tell her she did a fantastic job!!!!

  9. By the way, how do I change my name on here? Or is it all automatically generated and no one gets a choice?

  10. I apologize I worded it horribly. some corner stores and gas stations have a Vanilla Triple Shot Espresso drink that Starbucks makes. It comes in a can.

  11. LOL I used to shoot up meth dude, can’t really get much worse than that. That’s why I’m trying to cut out all my other habits now, smoking cigarettes first, then weed. Anywho, in other words, I’ll drink the caffeine or try out anything that isn’t a prescription drug or illicit substance if it means harm reduction.

  12. That's fair lmao but it's good to want to turn your life around and make an effort to do so. I wish you the best mate and I hope that you find some good methods to quit.

  13. I had enough of that lifestyle. Genuinely sick and tired of living a lie. Because I just wasn’t myself, that’s not the life I am meant to have. Now I have my daughter back, a good partner, and a nice apartment in Chicago, & started going to college. I would’ve never dreamed of making it this far when I was in my mess. And I know if I can quit that habit, I can quit anything. I want to leave the old habits behind. The smoking stinks I can’t stand it anymore I feel like bum when I smoke. It’s not “cool” anymore. I want to be as healthy as possible. Can you tell I have no one to talk to? Lol

  14. Its good, but my personal preference and opinion is there's just too many kicks and its just way too repetitive and hard hitting like that. I do prefer the typical boom bap style drums i think would've sounded nicer and more chill. But its more original like this i guess.

  15. I like the song yes. I love it by the way. I’m sorry that came off so harsh. Please forgive me. I do like the song, just not for “lofi”

  16. Have you seen the college book stores prices?! Every student there should be obligated to steal $30 now and then. College is more expensive than a drug habit.

  17. And as far as the higher pain tolerance, it’s actually necessary because red heads need more anesthesia than anyone else. The genetics of red heads are fascinating.

  18. I know this because when I gave birth to my daughter I got that warning. Tis true!

  19. Yes!!! A specific book, like the 48 laws of human nature by Robert Greene

  20. I pushed a kid out all natural, my vagina is just as tight now as it was before. It’s elastic basically.

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