1. it’s a piece of cardboard there is no value to it. Don’t ground him for that, teach him the lunacy that exists in card collecting

  2. oscar nominations for what? this was a poor movie. howie’s girl is a bombshell though

  3. It was about as fair a trade as you can have as both teams benefited from the trade.

  4. The difference between 137 and 150 is minuscule so we pretty much get another free dart throw

  5. It’s not that small when you actually get who you want at that point

  6. if the Front office is being true to the winning culture, they should be looking for his replacement. he peaked, you aren’t supposed become better

  7. i don’t want a RB or WR, unless it’s the bruiser from UCLA…it won’t shed the finesse lbel

  8. You don’t want Bijan Robinson at all? Also, I don’t think adding one player sheds a finesse label if there is one

  9. we can’t get short yardage unless it’s Josh doing Josh things.

  10. If Allen’s as good people think then our WRs are enough. We need a run game that can dominate, so let’s draft some IL and DL.

  11. great fan base, best weather in the league that’s why we will never dome

  12. Now I feel like Sonny in Bronx Tale, after watching Mush root for his horse coming down the stretch. 🎊 my tickets

  13. we will be a top 8 team, make some noise, get some pub…probably fizzle as usual

  14. They are dangerously close to being a huge problem for us this year. Rodgers and Beckham would instantly put them on our tier.

  15. what is exactly is our tier? well you don’t have to worry about OBJ; he’s a Raven

  16. of course it’s speculation constant hogwash. Got people talking about the draft in April. Starting to care much less about this WWE like football.

  17. we have our 2nd year guy, it’s his job to lose. we didn’t lose Tremaine Edmunds we dodged a grenade in not re-signing him, he was not a top 15 MLB

  18. I don't agree with that at all. A great year from Oliver would have a huge impact. That said, I'm not sure we've already seen the best of what Oliver is. I think he's an above average player who's streaky, can be great at times and then literally dissappear at times like he did in the playoffs

  19. how long do you give someone, we’ve seen exactly what he is… is he even above average?

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