1. My girlfriend's gym does not allow social media "influencers" (or anyone) to be recording in the gym. They will kick you out after two warnings and if you continue to be an issue they will cancel your membership.

  2. Almost as bad as the guy that needs all the plates in the building for his squats.

  3. At the gym while you do squats? I guess that could be an interesting proposal.

  4. I don't disagree, but hopefully they don't have random untrained strangers wandering around their jobsite/shop/facility.

  5. Happens all the time at every single shop I've worked at. Most of the time it's delivery drivers looking for anyone to sign for a package. They will wander all the way into the back corner and interrupt me welding but they won't go into the office that has a sign on the door that says SHIPPING.

  6. “A bad driver is never early, nor is he late. He crashes precisely on time.”

  7. Yeah if I have to decide between crossing the white line and on to the shoulder to attempt a dangerous illegal merge on to an exit I missed or adding 5 minutes to my trip, to me that’s an easy decision.

  8. That is horrifying. It should be like in surgery, if one of the instruments is unaccounted for, you do not stop until you have found it. That lesson was learned by forgotten instruments in bodies, by the way.

  9. "You're telling me you lost it in that big pile of rocks over there? Well what are you waiting for? Go scoop up those rocks and make buildings out of them."

  10. Idk I mean mine can't really take a hit from any angle. x.x

  11. Try a spiral flute tap. Use same size as you would for a regular cut tap. I slow mine down just a little but they pull the chips out instead of them packing in the bottom. I use spiral flute for every blind hole I tap.

  12. Welders gatekeep their profession so hard because they know deep down a trained monkey could replace them with enough practice.

  13. No one ever wants to believe me when I tell them how easy the basics of welding are to learn. The hard part is getting the amount of practice it takes to get good.

  14. No question is stupid, if you don’t understand something ask. You can be the least intelligent braindead monkey, and ask possibly the simplest thing. But you will look 1000x smarter then fuckface that ruins something by being to insecure to ask. I’ve made a damn fool of my self my entire life asking simple questions, but I’ll not be the one screwing up the easiest thing. Shit when I was getting my certs I asked all sorts of things, other guys laughed, but I had the last laugh when I was the first guy in the class to pass a bend.

  15. Bill Engvall has plenty of examples of stupid questions like this one. " I'm in the park, flying a kite with my son. Kite's hanging right up there in the air. A passerby comes up to us and says "Y'all flyin' a kite?" I said "Nope, fishing for birds.". " Stupid questions do exist, they are just a part of life.

  16. The beginning of this video is so weird to me. I don’t understand what was going on before the door opened. Isn’t there security cameras inside the home?

  17. How did the door even open? Did the attacker open it? It looks like it just opened by itself lol

  18. Always makes me think of a fighter jet flying through a canyon. Crazy acrobatics.

  19. We just need to pit the corn farming lobby against the oil industry and convert all cars to run on ethanol so we have a better use for corn than as a sweetener.

  20. Do they share the same social security number, ID, etc? They're two distinct people, they just happen to be conjoined. And it's not like there aren't classrooms with more than one teacher.

  21. If they only consider one to be teaching then what do they say the other is doing the whole time? Loitering? If they're both teaching then they're both working meaning they both should be getting paid as such. At every other job if you do work and they decide not to pay you, a complaint to the labor board will promptly fix that for you. Why should this be any different?

  22. Can’t find anything on the bone breaking but I found yak racing

  23. Or create/invest in your own company, exploit workers, and you too can live in a capitalist paradise with your "staff". It's a roll of toilet paper how much could it cost Michael? 10$?

  24. I'd just be worrying about it bursting out of my chest or something at some point idk

  25. While I agree with you, if they do decide to push through they definitely will and unfortunately having a gun won’t make that much of a difference except them going for 100% kill. Again I’m not certain but just analyzing it by myself.

  26. Can confirm if you open your door to the police while you have a gun in your hand, they will open fire on you until you die. There's plenty of body cam footage of this happening.

  27. Not defending anyone here, but no one sees the thousands of hours of recordings where nothing happened, it’s not newsworthy.

  28. Nonsense! That article I read told me when global warming happens we’re all gunna be underwater. Are you gunna try to tell me someone on the internet LIED to me!?

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