1. This is more terrifying than it looks, people's privacy is dying, I worked for a private firm that deals with cyber security, and things of such nature, most of the guys who I work with are tech savvy and know that this plan is far reaching and the sheer impact it will have is scary. call them “paranoid” If you want but they are starting to use crypto like Namada and Monero for storing money, and some are even deleting social media.

  2. If this pans out, this can help with crypto’s accessibility issue. This can also give more consolidating powers to crypto investors.

  3. EVMs let software developers to create and deploy decentralized applications (dApps).

  4. DID sounds great, and you should highlight how it is linked to sovereign identity SSI.

  5. Success is about focusing Your energy on what creates results and using what you already know.

  6. There are many in the Bitcoin Cash community who think that Bitcoin cannot scale to be a peer to peer electronic cash. They point to the slow transaction times as evidence that it cannot be used as a means of exchanges.

  7. Notable investors such as Hollywood actress Gal Gadot and producer Jaron Varsano, who participated in the $2.5 million funding round, expressed strong interest in the project.

  8. El Salvador, Ukraine 🇺🇦 Cuba and Belarus speeding up crypto adoption.

  9. Really huge potential on this project, Roboinu will surprise the crypto world.

  10. Those who would allow the market dynamism to determine when to trade or not are either new in space in general or probably just naïve, the sphere have seen far worse times than this.

  11. There are many ways that hackers can get a hold of your coins, and unfortunately, sometimes you won't even know you've been hacked until it's too late.

  12. Climber's wisdom: Always check your and your buddies equipment. Never trust anyone.

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