1. Most of those look fine. I think there are some midfakes but there's nothing wrong with that

  2. Maybe, I know I posted it once, but no one else pitched in the bid so I took it.

  3. Does the price line up with a real set or is it suspiciously cheap. I usually see it go for 60-80 usd

  4. About 30 usd more or less

  5. I wouldn’t personally trust it but I’ve also never seen a midfake / fake set before, I’m afraid I can’t really help other than saying it seems a little suspicious

  6. Very simply I want every metal beyblade including recolors and all that, except for the shogun steel series

  7. That's a big goal. How far away from completing are you right now?

  8. It is an unrealistic goal I will admit and if I can’t compete it I won’t be upset but it keeps me going and that’s all I need. also I’m currently 3 months in and have 33 beys the most expensive being either a near mint blitz striker, mucury Anubis or burn phoenix all blue version.

  9. That mad me so mad, lmao if it’s a troll he got me but I bet he’s Fr unfortunately

  10. Depends where you buy. Midfakes don't exist in burst. A lot of the cues from MFB are the same as burst - not listing 'beyblade' on listings, off colouring, weird branding, etc for fakes.

  11. If you assemble all the stock combos you have I bet you could sell them individually or in small lots for way more

  12. Personally I would just because it’s such a weird item and I’m a collector

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