Albanese sculls beer

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  1. My AMEX card doesn't allow cash withdrawals. This is very handy to help manage costs. Especially when "cash only" vices are a problem.

  2. This is what Bitcoin is for. Can your family access these in Russia?

  3. My favorite brand of coffee, not just because it was once cheap. Now it's really hard to find as well.

  4. It's really going to depend on the turbo 4, what it's in and how you drive it. I wouldn't really expect a Hyundai i30 to get the same mileage as a Subaru STI

  5. My Citroen C4 1600cc HDi gives 6.8L per 100km mostly about town. I spend $30 each week for my needs. If I fill the tank I can drive Brisbane to Sydney on one tank! Averages 5.7L per 100km on highways.

  6. It was interesting to watch the Foreign Correspondent show on SBS last night about Thailand and cannabis legalization. So many happy people getting on with their business. They've emptied their jails too.

  7. Dangerous drug? Dangerous?? What the actual.....

  8. I'll never understand why people asked to be about just legalize and that's it? Aren't everyday people taxed enough?

  9. Plain old white bottle Nivea body lotion helps with my dry skin.

  10. It is sad that possession of canabis can get you more in trouble than a repeat sex offender. And the reason is because of these judges . The young man probably got a $1000 dollar fine as well as a criminal record.

  11. Actually found a Citroรซn C4 and thinking about buying it. All the info about European car in Australia that I could find on internet was from years ago. Glad I asked here!

  12. I quite like my 2007 Citroen C4 I bought second hand. So far I've needed replacement turbo, brake discs, and clutch assembly, and was given a list of other faults for later ...

  13. Nope. I'm just hodling everything. The "shitcoins" I still keep mostly give stake or MN rewards to help balance the fall(s) in price. I buy only BTC these days.

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