1. Fairness : I would say it should be debatable, both Gamma could scale to Gohan and Piccolo post Tournament of Power so they should be at least solar system level, the Gotham duo is strong enough to take on the Justice League by themselves (this is the version of DC Rebirth so it's not as OP as the Golden Age's one), however the Gamma need their weapon for range attack unlike the Gotham duo

  2. Rebirth Superman is post crisis Superman who stalemated Golden Age Superman.

  3. Unfortunately she does or at least is far behind Arale but still stronger than Chiaotzu (he got nothing after early Dragon Ball at best he's possibly island level while Tsun should be planet)

  4. Connections : both are fat guys who can teleport across time/space (Robbie can teleport anywher and at anytime, 507 can teleport through dimensions) and have whacky adventures

  5. Whis (Dragon Ball) The right hand men to ancient all powerful purple destroyer gods (Beerus and galactus), despite their initial allegiances they have been on the side of good more often than not and regularly help the heroes of earth beat bigger threats, they can easily travel through the universe and beyond using a strange item (The Staff and The Surf Board), and they use an ancient power that’s exclusive to them and they’re kind (Whis has Ultra instinct a power exclusive to the angels and Surfer has The power cosmic something exclusive to the other heralds of galactus)

  6. Huh... Haven't read or watched Demon Slayer but he does have a thing or two in common with these two... Though I don't know if he'd work as well against either matchup-wise.

  7. I think the voice actors were leaked or something, in which case it joins Colex as the super old popular mu that is finally finally happening

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