1. I don't understand why people would just give them up

  2. We currently have the same system in Norway. The article I found about it said that most of the weapons turned in last time were older weapons, like from the World War 2 and/or weapons people had inherited. Basically collectibles you can get punished for owning.

  3. En kompis har fortalt at det samme skjer i elektriker-bransjen. Elektrikere som skader seg på jobb får låne en PC som de ikke har opplæring til utføre noen ordentlige oppgaver på, så sitter de bare der og surrer. Da blir det jo ikke fravær..

  4. I know exactly how you feel, I got it the same way. Doesn't even matter if the queue is ranked or not, I feel the same way in Normal games.

  5. All the dua lipa songs have killer bass, what’s unexpected is how much it made me like her music 😳

  6. There's a series called Song Exploder on Netflix, where one of the episodes is about Dua Lipa. She got some pretty good musicians writing her music, I'd recommend watching it if you're interested in seeing how they do the writing process.

  7. I usually watch DamienF16 on Twitch. Only plays Bo3 (he hates Bo1), and mostly play control decks, particularly Esper

  8. Have you considered adding pedals rather than upgrading the bass? I'm not familiar with the GSR but I have a SR305, and I'm not sure if it's so much better than the GSR that it's worth upgrading into if you already own a five string. It's still a relatively cheap bass..

  9. Fint trofe. Dette er en ikke-sak

  10. I don't have the list, but there are berries that reduce EVs. There is a berry for each stat. I believe the attack one is a kelpsy berry or something. Look in your bag and you surely have at least some. They should say "Reduces X base points" somewhere in the description.

  11. Ja fant ut det etterhvert. Men ikke flere avganger søndagkvelden jeg skulle slå ihjel der!

  12. Ferga mellom Cicignon og Gamlebyen går hvert kvarter døgnet rundt, også på Søndager.

  13. Kommentaren over er feil. Ferga mellom Gamlebyen og Cicignon går hvert kvarter, døgnet rundt. Den er også gratis!

  14. As long as its not emailing me asking for ETA I'll probably be fine

  15. The Geomantic Web needs a rework, it’s a clunky mechanic that could’ve been implemented better for how important it is. They need a Greenskins level rework

  16. A bit funny that CA said that the Geomantic Web was hated even more by the devs than by the community.

  17. Same here. I've been to so many shows over the years where I've bought merch because I liked the band during the show and thought "wow I need to listen to these guys more", only to never listen to it again.. Got plenty of shirts from bands I don't know any songs from, but I do remember going to their shows.

  18. I was looking for the nuts section..

  19. Khazrak has a better start position now (that he took from Morghur) and the northern empire is a thunderdome now. Malagor is fun and the southlands are now also a thunderdome. Morghur is now the most boring beastman in the most boring start position so Im guessing he’ll be least played.

  20. I like Morghur, played like three campaigns with him. I'll probably play him before Taurox, which I haven't even tried yet

  21. So... who wants some emulsified vegetal / legumes and soy protein with simulated meat-like texture?

  22. People will call it the same as always, it's just to complicate marketing

  23. Har du vurdert Commander? Etter hva jeg har hørt er Commander det mest spilte formatet om dagen (utenom online), så mulig det er enklere å finne casual-grupper enn for Modern. Commander er et format de fleste spiller relativt casual. Det er også mulighet for Mutliplayer, så om man er to, tre eller fem så kan fortsatt alle spille samme runde.

  24. I don't wanna name any bands or any individuals because this was such a trend several years ago. I don't like when fans put their favorite bands on pedestal to the point of saying they saved their lives and shit. It's just ironic because some of these motherfuckers ended up getting nasty allegations later on. I guess I am a more mature now that I wouldn't necessarily diss the fans, but with that kinda "please save me/you're my savior" complex, it's gonna be hard for you to navigate in life. They're not gods. They're imperfect just like us.

  25. After optimizing the cart it ended up being $10.92 + $5.94 shipping on TCGplayer.

  26. Yeah I know. I removed all basic lands and added cheaper ones, but didn't do more effort than that as I was at work on my phone. Didn't intend to buy it either, it was mostly out of curiosity.

  27. Please share your actual bear deck.

  28. Copy paste of a comment I made eadlier in this thread. It's a Commander/EDH-deck, so it migth not be what you're looking for, but anyway it could at least give some inspiration.

  29. I controll 19 recessed Hues from a single dimmer. Set up the scenes you want in the Hue app, then you can set what scenes you want to run with each press of the buttons on the dimmer. If you want more than 10 you'll need the Bridge

  30. I’m testing out esper control with [[void rend]], [[make disappear]] and [[obscura interceptor]], also trying out [[depopulate]]. So far, so good. The interceptor turns out to be really good as both a tempo play, quasi-counterspell, and a lifelinking body. In all honesty, didn’t touch my azorius control deck since I’ve been testing this out. I usually prefer two-colour decks but I’m liking the feel of esper right now, especially because I can also add [[shadows verdict]] because of Ob Nixilis.

  31. This actually worked on both my tablet and PC! Changed the language to English, then it worked on the first try. Thanks!

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