1. i’m really proud of this season. an excellent winner, a fantastic top4, great finale, the challenges were mostly good (i was so impressed with SG and the roast). to the ones who didn’t watch, i’d suggest to try

  2. Haven't watched the Snatch Game,but the roast was actually really good. Nobody truly flopped it imo,like they all had some good jokes at least.

  3. DRIT’s finale song is so good. i’m so proud of these girls

  4. What LS songs deserve a redemption? My top pick is Closer by Tegan & Sara. It was done so dirty.

  5. Like it's such a joy to watch her be so supportive of all the queens & genuinely being a fan of drag.

  6. Ngl I'm excited to see how the season is gonna turn out,especially with Santana coming from Germany & competing on this season. The drag styles aren't as diverse,but maybe it will be different on the actual show

  7. Koco's look probably was in my top 3 this week tbh

  8. I’m very curious how Evah performs next week to get eliminated with 2 wins.

  9. I mean she had a similar trajectory in S3,also with two wins

  10. Ngl looking back,I think that Synthia's performance in her lipsync against Eve is better compared to her "Ghost" performance.

  11. Even though Koco is in the bottom 2,I still like their look...like a lot💀 It just looks really cool to me lol

  12. Are the S15 promos coming out on Tuesday or Wednesday?

  13. Ngl I would love to create some cast wishlists,but I still haven't found an app to do so (and an app with a font,which isn't hideous lol)

  14. Now I can get past Anita's ball look she made cause we've seen even worse,but that wig...that wig is so bad 😭

  15. Ngl, I would have loved to have seen Ra'Jah perform to "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here"

  16. I still think about how June Jambalaya gave us my least favourite Arcade looks, but one of my top 2 favourite promo looks

  17. However nobody will ever get close to Bebe's performance to this song imo,she did so good

  18. Now it isn't my favourite, however "Pretty Girl" looked an sounded so promising at first,however it just...stayed there? Otherwise I really like Venom & obviously Bridges

  19. Probably gonna go and watch "Violent Night" in the theatre & I'm just hoping,that it's gonna be worth it lol

  20. Ngl, almost all of the songs for Vidbir 2023 are decent to great

  21. Even though I don't watch Drag Race Italia except for the runways & lipsyncs..I hope she wins

  22. I think she might be talking about Aja,there was a whole feud on Twitter,although I don't remember what it was about. The only thing I remember is Dovima leaving some awful remarks about Aja's skin as far as I remember

  23. Yeah,Paper Cut killed it yet again. However, the judging from La Más Draga is actually wild from what I could gather lol

  24. Abhora's look being an homage to Foxie Adjuia's S1 look is one of my favourite things

  25. Ngl to me it's the best look she had for CAN vs.TW since her promo look

  26. Honestly I need Abhora to come back to Titans,even if it is only for one episode,cause to me they really were part of what made the season a whole lot more entertaining imo

  27. Ngl I'm hoping, that Scream 6 is gonna be a good movie on its own,since Scream 5 was..fine? I genuinely tried to make myself like it,but it was kinda disappointing ngl

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