1. Their top coat is 😍😍. I gave revels liquids a try recently, they were ok but the top coat sucks!

  2. Yesss the top coat is so bad 😭 I tried revels liquids last week and everything was fine until the top coat and it looked awful..I thought I was doing something wrong! My nails have a weird texture and are barely glossy but I’m going to try and ride out this mani til I get something better in🙃

  3. Lovely! I regret not picking up some fairy dust but there’s always next time. I love some of the boxes that the gift sets came in this year. I saved my sleepy bus and dreamland box too and I was able to condense my whole stash into them which was nice for storage!

  4. This was my first Boxing Day haul ever and since the nearest Lush store is about 2 hours away from me I knew I was going to have to try to order online. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I made a wishlist on the Lush app and as soon as the sale went live I was there trying to get some of the stuff I really wanted. I was able to walk away with everything i wanted in one go somehow which must’ve been some dumb beginners luck. I wanted a little bit of everything because my stash is non existent and I’ll be sharing most of this with my daughter. I know tons of people have their Boxing Day orders still processing so here’s to hoping they ship soon and thank you to all the lush employees that are working hard to serve everyone!

  5. This is super helpful thank you so much for the write up!

  6. I’m a subscriber and if I like the products in the vote I get it and vice versa. You are not completely tight with the subscription, You can skip or cancel. Obviously some boxes are better than others but I think that overall value is good.

  7. Oh interesting, I didn’t realize they offered the feature to skip, thank you!

  8. Burning through Leaves 🍁 🍂which is my last fall/autumn candle and then it’s onto the Christmas candles!

  9. If anyone has a % off coupon they don’t need I’d love to use it for a big candle haul 🦃🧡🍁 thank you friends!

  10. Witchy potato lantern graveyard lol 😂 thanks for the fun

  11. Sigh, I’m so mad at myself for not stocking up when I had the chance. I ordered an apple butter candle from DW home that I’m hoping might smell similar. I’ll try to remember to post if it does

  12. I totally feel the same way and thanks i hope it doesn’t disappoint :)

  13. Just wanted to update in case anyone read my comment and was thinking about trying the DW Home Apple Butter candle. It’s nothing like Welcome Home. It’s just your basic apple with heavy spice/cinnamon. Not getting the Apple Butter part at all. Honestly it’s not even appealing as just an apple scent. The jars are really high quality thick heavy glass and the copper lids are pretty but that’s the only positive thing I can say about them😞

  14. Thank you for coming back to give us all an update! I’m sorry the candle didn’t turn out as you had hoped, it’s disappointing but it was a good try 🧡

  15. Free body care item up to $8.50 value exp 10/30 : UJ-NC737XQBDMMWPVST

  16. A 3 wick might get too hot though. The inside is reflective.

  17. How do you like the scents on these and what are your must haves out of the bunch? Thinking about picking up some haunted hayride

  18. Haunted Hayride has a distinct black pepper note on cold sniff and also a sweet, fruity note that's probably the orange zest. Excited to smell it burning. I really like Mystic Moon on cold, not sure about Jack o' Lantern yet--definitely getting some carrot. (BBW Pumpkin Carving is my all-time fave.)

  19. All set for the season and going on a no buy now until holiday scents start arriving! First time getting fireside and fall farmhouse, I fell in love with the scent description on those 🤤

  20. I like the scent description in firehouse but I’m a little worried my home will smell like it’s on fire lol

  21. That could definitely be a possibility, I hope it won’t be -that- intense 😂 I love smoky smells but if it didn’t have a few solid reviews online already I probably would’ve passed it up, here’s to hoping

  22. That was happening to me on the app today and it was kind of annoying, lol I ended up deleting everything in my cart and added it all back in after setting my store for BOPIS instead of trying to change it once it was in the cart

  23. Champagne apple is sooo good that I haven’t wanted to smell like anything else lately but that pumpkin and chai is intriguing

  24. (Edit:Got one thank you!) If anyone has a 20% they don’t want I’ll happily take it 🥰✨

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